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According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), the brachial plexus is the network of nerves that conduct signals from the spine to the shoulder, arm, and hand. Brachial plexus injuries result from damage to these important nerve centers.

Many brachial plexus injuries occur during childbirth because of trauma to the infant’s shoulders, which cause these nerves to stretch or tear.

When the upper brachial plexus is injured, it is called Erb’s Palsy. There are four types of brachial plexus injuries, including avulsion, rupture, neuroma, and neuropraxia or stretch.

These injuries can be extremely debilitating for a child and can have many consequences for a family. If you believe your child has suffered a brachial plexus injury and wish to speak to an attorney about filing a birth injury claim, we encourage you to reach out to the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant to schedule a free consultation with our Houston birth injury attorneys.


  • Lack of feeling in the arm or hand
  • Lack of muscle control in the arm, hand, or wrist
  • Limp or paralyzed arm

A child’s shoulder, arm, or hand might appear to be limited in range immediately following a brachial plexus injury. Over time, the rate of development and growth of the affected limb will often become more noticeable. In some cases of Erb’s palsy, one of the sufferer’s arms will be shorter than the other. Severe injuries have more noticeable symptoms, and they are also more difficult to treat.


Brachial plexus injuries typically occur during difficult births. A breech birth or a lengthy delivery may increase the chance of brachial plexus injuries. During birth, pressure, twisting, stretching, or any other type of strain can damage the nerves of a newborn’s shoulder and lead to a brachial plexus injury.

It’s important for parents to understand that most difficult births should not result in injury. In fact, doctors and nurses are trained to identify risks and act accordingly to prevent birth injuries. However, if a healthcare provider fails to provide a reasonable level of care, that provider might be responsible for the injuries suffered by the newborn.

Parents who are concerned that medical negligence played a role in their child’s injury should consider contacting a birth injury attorney as soon as possible. To schedule a free consultation with the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant, call us at (800) 444-5000 or fill out a FREE initial consultation form.


The immediate impact of a brachial plexus injury could include limited mobility or paralysis. These injuries could impair the development of a child and, thus, have consequences that last for several years. In the worst cases of brachial plexus injuries, limited mobility and paralysis are permanent.

The physical effects are just one aspect of brachial plexus injuries. Debilitating injuries have many other consequences, including expensive medical treatment, ongoing care, and reduced work capacity and potential income over the entirety of the injured person’s life. If someone is permanently disabled from a birth injury, the loss in quality of life is immeasurable, impacting not only the child, but family members, too.

Brachial Plexus Injuries and Medical Negligence

If a child suffers a serious birth injury, parents often look for ways to cope with the fallout. When these injuries are caused by a negligent healthcare provider, parents can look to our legal system for recourse. A successful medical malpractice claim may lessen the financial impact on an effected family.

Legal actions don’t heal injuries, but they can position a family to withstand the tremendous costs they face now and in the future.

Parents don’t have to know for sure whether a child’s injuries were caused by medical negligence. A qualified medical malpractice attorney can investigate the case to determine whether negligence likely occurred and how a family should pursue compensation. At the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant, we provide legal assistance to parents who suspect a child’s injury was caused by negligence.

Has Your Child Suffered a Birth Injury?

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