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When a doctor prescribes a medication for us, we expect that it will help our condition, not create a new problem that does us harm. Such was the case with the drug Tasigna® (nilotinib), a drug designed for the treatment of leukemia. This drug has been linked to atherosclerosis, artery disease, and strokes, yet doctors and their patients weren’t warned of this possibility by the manufacturer.

If you or a loved one took Tasigna and suffered from these serious side effects, you may be eligible to receive compensation through a Tasigna lawsuit. Tasigna lawsuits allege that the chemotherapy drug’s maker, Novartis, failed to warn Americans about the risk of atherosclerosis, a condition that causes arteries to harden, narrow or become blocked. Atherosclerosis can be serious, and some people died because of related conditions. In addition, a new study published October 2021 in the journal of Cardiology-Oncology identified a clear link between the use of Tasigna and vasospastic angina — another potentially dangerous side-effect linked to the low blood-flow problems caused by Tasigna.

While a lawsuit won’t cure your condition, and nothing can make up for the harm done to your health, financial compensation can at least relieve your financial worries about paying medical costs and bills at a time you may be unable to work. It can also hold the manufacturer accountable and serve as an example to prevent others from being harmed in the future.

Winning compensation is not easy, as Texas injury laws are complicated; large drug companies and their insurers have high-powered lawyers on their payroll to fight against lawsuits, and making mistakes can cost you the compensation you deserve. Fortunately, you do not have to fight for your rights alone. The experienced drug-injury lawyers at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law are fully prepared to take the burden off you and fight for justice and the settlement you deserve.

If you have been negatively impacted by Tasigna, now is the time to discuss your case with our compassionate Tasigna lawsuit attorneys. We understand what you are going through and how difficult it is to deal with legal matters when you are suffering from major health issues. Let Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law handle all legal hurdles and requirements while you concentrate on getting well.

Our attorneys know the laws and the system and are skilled in bringing successful drug-related lawsuits. When you contact us, our Tasigna legal team will examine your individual situation and advise you about your options and the possibility of filing a legal claim. You may be due significant compensation, so don’t let it get away.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation, and there are no fees to you unless and until we win your case.

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How Our Tasigna Lawyer Can Help You

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Background on Harms that Can Result from Taking Tasigna

Tasigna is a prescription drug that is used to treat chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). CML is a type of cancer that originates in the bone marrow and enters the blood. CML accounts for about 15% of all adult leukemia cases.

While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Tasigna in 2007, atherosclerosis wasn’t mentioned as a potential side effect until a warning appeared on labels in Canada for the product in 2013. Novartis amended its Canadian prescribing information to include a warning that Tasigna can cause rapidly evolving vascular disease, but Novartis deliberately chose not to add this warning to the prescribing information label for Tasigna in the U.S.

Since its original release, Tasigna has become a very profitable drug for Novartis. Tasigna works by blocking certain proteins that cause leukemia cancer cells to grow. Tasigna comes in capsules or pills that are taken orally and range in dosage from 50 to 200 mg. Most patients take a twice-daily 300 mg. dose of Tasigna. In 2017, the FDA updated the label of Tasigna to include information for providers about how to discontinue the drug in certain patients.

In 2016, a lawsuit in California was filed against the company following the death of a patient from complications of atherosclerosis after taking the drug. The lawsuit alleged that Novartis may have known about the complications as early as 2011 but did not make doctors or patients aware of the serious nature of the potential problems. This has resulted in a large number of lawsuits against the drug maker.

What Our Tasigna Attorneys Can Do to Help

If you were harmed by Tasigna or Tasigna XR, our Terry Bryant Tasigna lawsuit lawyers can help. When you have us on your side, our legal team will:

  • Meet with you and examine your individual situation and determine if you have a valid case and what it might be worth
  • Gather evidence, such as from your medical records and lab reports
  • Get expert testimony as to the connection of your injuries with Tasigna, the costs and treatments that were involved, and the negative effects on your life and family
  • Handle all legal requirements related to filing your case and making court appearances in a timely manner
  • Negotiate for a settlement with Novartis company lawyers and insurers
  • Build your case and take it to court and argue on your behalf in front of a judge and jury if necessary.

If you were harmed by Tasigna, put your case in Terry Bryant’s hands. Our compassionate attorneys will explain your legal options and get to work on your case immediately.

What Compensation Can I Get in a Tasigna Lawsuit?

Our Tasigna Lawyer Will Fight for Economic and Non-economic Damages

Atherosclerosis generally develops over an extended time, taking years to become an acute risk, and rapid progression or sudden aggravation is uncommon. Tasigna-induced atherosclerosis often develops much more quickly, giving doctors less time to diagnose and combat the condition and allowing patients to be harmed.

Lawsuits against Novartis allege that Novartis knew as early as 2010 that Tasigna caused accelerated atherosclerosis and related conditions, but the company knowingly and intentionally failed to warn about these risks in the U.S. in order to protect its financial interests. Failure to warn is grounds for a lawsuit.

In a successful Tasigna drug injury lawsuit, you may be awarded compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. In some cases, punitive damages, meant to punish and make an example of a defendant, may be awarded as well.

Economic damages reimburse you for monetary expenses, such as:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Costs of any needed equipment or modifications to your home or vehicle
  • Past, present, and future lost income if you cannot work
  • The costs from temporary or permanent future disability
  • Funeral costs if a death is involved.

Non-economic damages are to compensate you for damages that do not have a specific dollar value but have negative effects on your life, such as:

  • Pain and suffering damages for your long-term physical pain and your mental and emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium and effects on your marital relationship.

Punitive damages may be awarded in rare cases where it is found that the drug manufacturer was particularly negligent.

To win your lawsuit, our Tasigna attorneys would have to prove:

  • The parties you are suing (the defendants) owed you a reasonable duty of care (such as to manufacture and sell a safe product and warn of potential problems).
  • The defendants breached that duty of care.
  • You received injuries or damages as a result.

Amounts of Damage Awards You May Receive

There is a wide range of settlement amounts that may be awarded in a drug injury case, depending on your individual situation and factors that include:

  • The type and severity of your injury and how it affects your life
  • Whether you will need long-term care and treatment
  • Whether a wrongful death occurred
  • Your age, earning capacity, and family situation
  • The availability of insurance and assets of the defendants that can go toward a settlement
  • The skill and experience of your personal injury attorney to handle your case
  • The inclination of the individual judge and jury.

Our drug injury lawyers would look to find all parties responsible for causing your injuries and hold them all accountable, as they all may have insurance and assets that can go toward a settlement.

A Brief Description of Leukemia

The American Cancer Society defines leukemia as a cancer of early blood-forming cells. While it is most frequently a type of cancer affecting white blood cells, it has also been known to start in other types of blood cells. Leukemia is categorized into two broad categories:

  • Acute – This is a fast-growing form of the disease.
  • Chronic – This is the more slow-growing form of leukemia.

Treatments for leukemia will often depend on whether a patient has an acute or chronic form of the disease.

More specific forms of leukemia include:

  • Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in Adults: ALL, as it is sometimes referred to, starts in the marrow of bones, where blood cells are made.
  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Known as AML, this acute form of leukemia is more common in older adults.
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: CLL originates in white blood cells in bone marrow and most frequently affects older adults.
  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: CML begins in the blood-forming cells in bone marrow and spreads to the blood in the body.
  • Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia: Like CML, CMML starts in the blood-forming cells of bone marrow and spreads to the blood. It is more often found in older adults.
  • Leukemia in Children: It is rare for leukemia in children to be chronic. Most are the ALL and AML forms of the disease.

The results of leukemia can be devastating emotionally and financially. When a drug is prescribed, it often offers hope. It shouldn’t result in more tragedy.

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The Severe Negative Impacts of Tasigna on Some Patients

Tasigna was often prescribed in the case of Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia (Ph+ CML). The drug was designed to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, slowing the spread of the disease. In many instances, however, it had tragic results.

Like many prescription drugs, Tasigna comes with a long list of precautions. It, however, has also been linked to a range of serious health issues, including atherosclerosis. The results of atherosclerosis can include:

  • Angina
  • Carotid artery disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Heart attacks and strokes
  • Amputations
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Death.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, we strongly encourage you to seek legal representation to ensure that justice is done.

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Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law is a Texas law firm that has built a reputation for assisting those who have been negatively impacted by the actions, or lack of action, of others. Our seasoned lawyers believe that responsible parties should be held accountable. We help clients resolve claims resulting from:

  • Personal injury claims
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  • Product liability claims.

If you’ve been negatively impacted by the drug Tasigna, put our legal team to work for you. Don’t delay, as there are time limits for filing. According to the Texas statute of limitations (CPR §16.003), you generally have two years from the date your illness was diagnosed or the date your loved one died to file a legal claim. *Always speak directly with an attorney to be sure of the exact deadlines that apply to your potential claim(s).

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Disclaimer: Do not stop taking a prescription medication without first consulting with your doctor. Discontinuing a prescribed medication without your doctor’s advice can result in injury or death. Cases may be referred to another attorney or law firm.

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