A defective products attorney specializes in the laws regarding consumer protection.

When is a manufacturer or company responsible for a consumer’s injury or harm due to a defective or  ineffective product? What retribution does an injured consumer deserve? What type of situation might warrant contacting one of these attorneys?

When we purchase a household item, take a medication, use a medical device, or purchase a vehicle, we are trusting the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer to ensure these items are safe to use. When they have been ineffectively designed, poorly produced, or irresponsibly distributed or sold, the chance for personal injury is too high for comfort. A defective products attorney is often an option for consumers who feel their injury was a direct result of negligence.

For instance, poor design and manufacturing of motor vehicles or automobile parts poses one of the greatest and most lethal risks for consumers. In our everyday lives, we trust that our vehicles will take us from point A to point B safely and securely. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Toyota was the focus of one of the biggest vehicle recalls in 2010 as problems with gas pedals were discovered, causing the recall of nearly 8,000,000 vehicles. Vehicle defects can cause major bodily harm, permanent damage and even death. A defective products attorney may be warranted when personal injury or loss is sustained due a major production error such as this.

Other types of products that may warrant seeking a lawyer include health and medical items such as medications and medical devices. For example, the arthritis medication Vioxx was ultimately recalled as research showed it elevated the risk for heart attack. Hip replacements are a growing concern as well, as there is evidence that some devices used in hip replacements are causing a complication called metallosis. Metallosis is known to cause pain, and swelling and loosening of the joint. In extreme cases, metal ions work their way into the bloodstream causing issues in the circulatory and nervous systems. Medical device or pharmaceutical drugs defects can cause organ damage, a wide variety of potentially fatal health concerns such as cancer, and death.

Children’s toys and baby products are another category that often has consumers concerned for the health and safety of their families. From toxic paint to parts that fall off, there are a number of risks that can cause poisoning, choking, or other injuries that may be lethal. A defective products attorney may be able to help with these types of cases.

Common injuries from items with defects range from burns, poisoning, organ failure, and possibly death
. It is important for consumers to know their rights when it comes to a product or device that is not as safe or effective as promised by the manufacturer. A defective products attorney can offer the proper legal knowledge and experience necessary to provide representation the client deserves in a wide variety of defective products cases.