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Thanksgiving on Us: Gift Card Giveaway

20 Families Each Won a $150 Gift Card

We Gave Away Gift Cards for Thanksgiving Dinner!

When you’re feeding a houseful of hungry guests on Thanksgiving, things can get a little stressful and expensive. But this year 20 Thanksgiving dinners were on us.

You read that correctly — we gave away TWENTY (20) $150 gift cards to local families!

That means turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and all your other favorite Thanksgiving foods for 20 families were covered on our dime.

The Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway is now closed

Thank you to all who entered. The winners have been notified.

The 2021 Thanksgiving Winners Are…

Alexis Daniel, Alma Olguin, Ana Sambrano, Ana Laura Garcia, April Hayter, Bonifacio F., Christina Gonzalez, Jennifer Lyons, Johana Zaparolli, Karina Magalong, Kelly Clifton, Kimberly Phillips, Krystal Ruiz, Lyzette Gardea, Maria G., Melanie Martin, Melissa Lopez, Rosario Lopez, Shatonjia Foster, Veronica Africa