Non Subscriber Employers and Workers' Compensation

In Texas, employers can choose not to participate in the state’s workers’ compensation system. Employers who decide to have alternative coverage or self-insure their companies without approval from the Texas Department of Insurance’s Division of Workers’ Compensation are non-subscribers.

Non Subscriber Workers Compensation

Unlike under state workers’ compensation laws, which prevent employees from suing when they’ve been hurt on the job, employees have the right to sue their employers if the company declines coverage and chooses to be a nonsubscriber. Should a tragic incident lead to fatal consequences, a wrongful death lawyer may become essential. If the employer is found negligent in any way for the accident, the court may hold the company responsible for all costs—including legal fees.

It is important to know what type of workers’ compensation insurance your employer has,if any, so you can get the benefits you need to recover. Consulting with a workers compensation lawyer can help ensure you understand your rights and receive the appropriate benefits.

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