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Houston Plant Explosion Lawyer

A Houston Plant Explosion Often Requires A Lawyer Assistance

When a Houston plant explosion occurs, a lawyer experienced in personal injury can help the victim get the compensation they need for the medical expenses that are sure to follow. A sudden blast from something as small as a single propane tank can cause massive and permanent injuries to the victim. Along the Gulf Coast, where oil platforms and refineries are common, thousands of workers are constantly exposed to unsafe working conditions. Though they are rare, when a disaster occurs at an oil platform, refinery, fertilizer plant or volatile chemical storage facility, the results are devastating. What’s worse, these injuries are usually preventable.

What usually causes a deadly blast at Texas’ processing plants?

Explosion injuries often require lawyer assistance because of how severe they can be. At large facilities, there is usually a lightning fast conflagration that strikes just before the blast. A conflagration is the sudden ignition of combustible materials, and this can be in the form of flammable particles suspended in the air due to processing methods. The fine airborne sediment often goes unnoticed, even though facilities must have dust removal systems in place to mitigate fire risk. Once ignited, this airborne source of fuel will allow the fire to spread through the building quickly. This conflagration is enough to cause serious injury, but the fire will also quickly build up pressure inside the building that may result in a massive detonation. A massive blast can also occur when something ruptures storage tanks, volatile materials are exposed to heat, or when a mechanical failure throws a loose spark.

A defective product, unsafe drivers or poorly filled propane tanks can also cause a blast. An attorney can help victims harmed in these disasters as well.

What are the most common injuries present in people caught in a blast?

Lacerations, broken bones and severe contusions are all common injuries experienced by people caught in blasts. Spine and brain injuries are also a major concern and can result in permanent disability or pain. Burns and exposure to toxic chemicals are particularly deadly risks, however. Severe burns will often cause frustrating pain and discomfort for many years, if not permanently. Burns can also become infected easily and tax the body to the point of organ damage.

Recovery from these injuries will take a long time and require dedicated medical assistance. Recovery usually includes physical therapy, at home assistance and counseling, all of which will be expensive. Workers harmed in a Houston area explosion typically require lawyer assistance to help handle these expenses. If a victim suspects negligence, usually on the part of an employer or product manufacturer, a personal injury attorney can help the victim file a claim against the responsible party. The attorney will first review the victim’s injury history to determine what the claim should demand, and this will be sent to the parties named in the suit. The attorney will represent the victim during the settlement and trial phases, and will help guide the victim through deposition. Given the inherent complexity of these cases, legal assistance is typically sought for a victim to attain a fair settlement.