Three-Year-Old Girl Killed in Driveway Accident

May 21, 2019

According to deputies of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, the girl’s father may have been the one in the driver’s seat when the girl was hit.

May 21, 2019 – 10:00 am: Three-year-old Dia Nebhnani was killed in an accident that took place on Tuesday morning. The tragic accident happened at the family’s home in Fort Bend County.

The girl’s father started the vehicle to cool it off, and was in the process of putting the girl and her four-year-old sibling into their car seats. It was initially reported that the father went into the garage, and at this time Dia got out of the car while her sibling put the car into gear, leading to the accident.

However, deputies believe the girl’s father may have been in the driver’s seat at the time of the accident.

Deputies and EMS arrived on the scene quickly after the accident, but Dia couldn’t be saved and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The father has not been charged with any crime at this time. Police do not believe he was intentionally lying about being in the garage at the time of the accident. The incident is still under investigation at this time.

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