Bicyclist Killed in North Freeway Hit-and-Run

June 6, 2019

According to police reports, there is no indication of why the bicyclist was on the freeway on Thursday morning.

June 6, 2019 – 5:30 am: A male bicyclist was killed on Thursday morning while exiting the North Freeway. The driver who hit the man fled the scene of the accident, and there is currently no description of the vehicle that struck him.

The accident took place at 12678 North Freeway northbound, on the exit at Kuykendahl/Rankin.

Investigators closed the exit for several hours after the accident took place. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez states that it looks like the man was trying to exit the freeway when he was hit by the vehicle and killed.

The dead man has not been publicly identified at this time. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is still working to find the identity of the driver who hit him, and who will likely face charges of failure to stop and render aid when found.

Investigators are not sure why the bicyclist was on the freeway, but they report that the man was exiting the freeway at the time of the accident. Investigation into the crash is still ongoing at this time.

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