Month: March 2015

Even though the accident may only last for a brief moment, an electrical injury can change a person’s life forever. The human body is dangerously conductive, so the effects of a shock may not even be known until weeks after the accident occurs. However, there are typically a number of immediate effects as well, such […]

When a motorcycle accident occurs, tragedy usually follows immediately. Riders don’t have the same degree of protection as people driving in cars and are almost always thrown from their bikes in the event of a crash. And as any safety expert will tell you, things can quickly go from bad to worse when a person […]

When a tour group takes a trip to San Antonio, a bus accident is the furthest thing from their minds, but a crash involving a passenger vehicle can be tragic reality. Charter companies have a major responsibility to their passengers, providing safe passage to and around the Alamo City. If this duty is not met, […]

Few medical complications are as serious as a spine injury, as they are almost always permanent and severely debilitating. Even damage to the lowest vertebrae can rob a victim of their bladder and bowel control, which is enough to lower a person’s quality of life rather dramatically. And, unfortunately, the situation is usually much worse […]

The only time a person should receive an amputation is when injury or disease make it a necessary life-saving measure. The loss of a limb is something that many people never get over, as it can completely change how a person lives. It often means changing jobs, or not being able to work at all. […]

Every year, product liability attorneys help thousands of people who have been hurt by poorly built or designed consumer items. These cases can take on many forms, ranging from something as simple as a stepladder that collapses unexpectedly, to something as complex as an inherently dangerous vehicle. The formula is generally the same, though, no […]

A power plant explosion is one of the worst occupational disasters that can happen in any industry, and it typically leaves massive tragedy in its wake. These disasters are nearly always preventable as they are often due to company or worker negligence. It would seem like these would be some of the best maintained and […]

A DUI car accident often produces terrible injuries, and they are responsible for a vast number of motorist and pedestrian deaths every year. The U.S. has a serious drunk driving issue, and according to the CDC, a drunk motorist gets away with driving drunk 80 times on average before they are finally caught. It’s no […]

Several studies published in the last decade have demonstrated a link between heart defects in newborn children and SSRI use. Cardiovascular complications can impact a child’s life well beyond birth, as they greatly increase the chances of more severe complications, like cardiac arrest or stroke. Most drugs in this class have demonstrated serious risks in […]

Construction sites, industrial facilities, oil platforms and shipping centers make regular use of heavy equipment, and accidents are a real possibility if proper safety measures are not maintained. Workers must be thoroughly trained, machinery regularly inspected and safety procedures observed by management personnel. This sounds like a simple formula, but many worksites ignore them outright. […]