Month: December 2014

A surge of serious injury cases caused by morcellation has prompted law suit preparations around the country, and these claims will likely result in major settlements. Even as the medical field improves its technology by leaps and bounds, it still relies on these primitive devices in a variety of procedures. They are frequently used for […]

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause paralysis or any number of serious, permanent complications. More than a million people every year sustain a TBI, and about 85,000 are left with life-altering debilitations. Most of these accidents cause acute trauma to the head, such as a vehicle accident or major workplace incident. Unfortunately, severe TBIs […]

In the aftermath of a serious truck explosion, an injury lawyer can help you piece together the events leading up to the disaster and help you attain compensation for your suffering. The last thing anyone expects when eating out at their favorite food truck is facing down an enormous fireball, but with the sharp increase […]

Treatment for Low-T syndrome has forced lawsuit preparations on the behalf of hundreds of victims as testosterone supplements can produce serious side effects in some people. For years, safety research into testosterone replacement therapy has lagged behind the popularity of these drugs. This is due in large part to aggressive marketing by pharmaceutical companies who […]

Many women who have had a surgery that included the use of a power morcellator are seeking a lawyer due to the significant safety risks it poses to patients. These devices have been in use since the 1990s and are usually purposed for hysterectomies or benign fibroid removal. They work by employing a set of […]

If you’ve been hurt in an ATV rollover crash, an injury attorney might be able to help you get back on the road to recovery. These vehicles are popular among rural thrill seekers, where hills, forests and plenty of open space is available for testing the vehicle’s limits. This can be deadly though, as these […]

Erectile dysfunction drugs and skin cancer have only recently been associated with each other, and the research puts Pfizer and Viagra under yet another uncomfortable spotlight. Sildenafil, Viagra’s generic name, has been prescribed to thousands of men, but it has also been linked to a number of serious side effects, including hearing and vision loss. […]

The Takata air bag recall is yet another large-scale safety report that concerns millions of vehicle owners. And, like the GM ignition switch safety alert before it, it involves a serious problem that can result in grave injury and death. Another attribute it shares with the GM alert is secrecy. It is now clear that […]

An ongoing GM ignition switch recall generated much attention in 2014, and development in early November figures to make the situation even worse for the manufacturer. From February to June 2014, close to 10 million of the company’s vehicles have been targeted for safety reasons. They may contain a defective switch that may randomly shift […]

Only a handful of attorneys in Texas can oversee maritime injury law because it involves some unique challenges not found in any other cases. Seamen are not eligible for workers’ compensation in the event of an accident, which may seem extremely risky for a worker. However, qualified seamen are protected under several statutes, including the […]