Most people assume that tobacco smoke is the primary cause of lung cancer, however, asbestos related lung cancer has become more prevalent in recent decades. In fact, roughly 4,800 people die each year as a direct result of asbestos exposure. Asbestos is fiber-shaped group of minerals that was once used in everything from building construction […]

  Preparing children for the new school year often focuses on school supplies and uniforms. What about back-to-school safety? Take time to talk to your children about safety in their daily commutes to and from school. A new year may mean a new campus, involving a new route or a new bus or carpool driver. […]

  The roll-out of the 2017 model year brings excitement for consumers who are looking to purchase a new vehicle. Much of the attention is going to SUVs and subcompact SUVs. Many of the most popular SUVs have been redesigned for the new model year, and other automakers are launching new SUVs to compete in […]

  Nearly all of us have watched someone water ski on a lake or seen the sport being enjoyed during a TV show or movie. When it’s done well, the sport looks extremely easy. However, pulling yourself up on skis while a boat accelerates can take considerable practice and an excellent sense of balance. In […]

  One thing Chinese cities and Houston have in common is traffic. Recently, China debuted the first Transit Elevated Bus (the “TEB-1”) to help alleviate traffic jams for mass transit. The TEB-1 is designed to drive over cars. It is 16-feet high and has a clearance of about 7 feet underneath, so it can keep […]

  Recent reports of injuries at amusement parks have been troubling. In the last few weeks alone, a 10-year-old boy died from a neck injury sustained on a Schlitterbahn waterslide, three children fell out of a Ferris wheel in Tennessee, a three-year-old boy fell out of a rollercoaster at Idlewild and SoakZone in Pennsylvania, and […]

  Government statistics indicate that well over 200,000 children age 14 and under wind up having to go to emergency rooms each year due to serious injuries suffered on public and private playgrounds. About 75% of those injures are related to falls. Kids are always at greatest risk when they land on hard surfaces – […]

  Cars are getting smarter. Each new model year rolls out new bells and whistles. Many of these features utilize computer systems that manage different features of cars without operator input. One of the most popular features available—in standard and luxury models alike—are back-up cameras and audible warnings. Instead of having to turn your head […]

  Big rigs get a bad rap for causing collisions resulting in catastrophic injury and death. One of the most dangerous risks involving 18-wheelers is underride collisions. An underride collision occurs when a smaller vehicle is caught underneath the trailer of an 18-wheeler. This may result in the smaller vehicle being caught under the trailer […]

  Outdoor enthusiasts hike trails and mountains. Some take their interests indoors to rock climbing walls and other activities designed to fulfill their thrill-seeking personalities. Regardless of whether you take a hike outdoors or indoors, you need to be aware of your surroundings and potential safety hazards. It is also a good idea to make […]