TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of September 12, 2014

A violent head-on collision claimed the lives of both drivers and injured a three-year old child in Baytown, TX on the evening of Wednesday, September 10, 2014.  The collision occurred in the 3800 block of North Main Street with Hartman Drive.  According to local authorities, Russell Hargrove, a 33-year-old of highlands, TX, was driving his Ford pickup northbound on North Main Street when he lost control entering the southbound lanes of traffic impacting a Toyota pick-up.  Michael Hollaway, 59, was driving the Toyota Tacoma.  Emergency personnel transported the 3-year-old child to Memorial Hermann Hospital.  The incident is still under investigation as beer cans were present at the scene.

A big-rig veered out of its lane of traffic Wednesday morning causing a horrible traffic mess.  The big-rig was traveling northbound on Highway 59 entering the westbound 610 Loop when it started scraping about 250 feet of the overpass guardrail prior going over it.  The big-rig fell 46 feet onto the 610 Loop.  The driver of the tractor-trailer survived the single-vehicle incident after emergency personnel rescued him from the rubble.  An ambulance transported him to a local hospital to treat his extensive injuries.  The incident is under investigation as there was no apparent cause for the tractor-trailers leaving the roadway.  The debris clean-up crews and damage assessment to highway structures closed area for about seven hours.

Heather Jones, a 21-year-old of Beaumont, TX, died in single-vehicle collision Wednesday afternoon after veering off the roadway and striking a utility pole.  According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Ms. Jones overcorrected attempting to gain control of her 2008 Hyundai prior to crossing over the opposite lanes of traffic and impacting the pole.  Although Ms. Jones died at the scene from her injuries, a child who traveled with her survived the incident.  An ambulance transported the minor to a local medical facility.

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Why Accidents Involving A FedEx Truck Often Need A Lawyer

People hurt in an accident involving a FedEx truck often need injury lawyer assistance to ascertain the circumstances of the accident and determine who is responsible. Though this freight company regularly receives accolades for its commitment to safety, it contracts nearly 45,000 drivers to deliver packages around the country every day. The sheer number of hours traveled by its fleet means that accidents are going to happen, even if the company itself maintains strict safety procedures.

When an accident does occur, it is usually due to the driver ignoring necessary safety regulations for the sake of speed. Delivery drivers are typically paid by the number of packages they deliver, so risk-taking is incentivized to an extent. This means drivers are more likely to speed, make sudden turns, and reverse their vehicle if they pass a destination. In their haste, workers may forget to engage the parking brake or push themselves beyond reasonable limits, leaving them fatigued while driving. When any of these is the reason for a FedEx truck accident, an injury lawyer may be able to help the injured party get the compensation they deserve.

Personal injury attorneys are highly connected professionals and can thoroughly investigate a crash on behalf of the victim. The details of the wreck will be used to build the victim’s case in an effort to get a favorable settlement during the negotiation process.

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A Dog Bite Injury Can Cause Serious Damage

A dog bite injury can be serious enough to warrant medical treatment and time spent at home convalescing. During this time, a victim will miss work and may be in a great deal of pain. In some cases, a canine attack can cause an infection or long-term nerve damage to the area. In short, man’s best friend can sometimes cause severe damage, both financially and physically. Victims also have to contend with laws that protect the owner from liability in many circumstances, adding insult to injury.

In Texas, every canine owner is protected by the “one bite rule.” This rule states that the owner is not liable for the injury as long as they had no reason to suspect the canine was aggressive. Determining whether or not the canine is truly aggressive following a dog bite injury is subject to much ambiguity, so the victim is often left with a difficult burden of proof to bear.

Meeting this burden means talking to witnesses and neighbors, along with retracing the events leading up to the attack. For example, if multiple witnesses or neighbors will testify that the owner let his canines run loose or neglected them, they will likely be held liable. If the owner is in violation of animal control laws at the time of the attack, they won’t be able to use ignorance of the animal’s aggressiveness as an excuse.

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Who Is Likely To Contact An Asbestos Attorney For Help?

When an asbestos attorney gets involved in a case, it is typically after the victim has been diagnosed with a deadly condition, like mesothelioma. This material is part of the silicate family of compounds, all of which are mined and removed from large chunks of rock. Its physical structure consists of thousands of tiny fibers that are extremely delicate. When removed from the rock, these fibers offer excellent fire and corrosion resistance. What they also offer, however, is the possibility of severe health problems.

Though the health risks involved with asbestos exposure have been tracked for some time, it was a popular additive in a variety of construction materials until just a few decades ago. It was widely used as insulation in older homes, wrapped around pipes or added to wall or ceiling matted insulation. It is also found in older vehicles to reduce heat buildup in braking systems. This means that firefighters, electricians, construction workers, plumbers, miners, shipyard workers and aircraft maintenance workers are the most likely to approach an asbestos attorney for help. After prolonged exposure to the material, it is common for workers and people living in older homes to develop serious respiratory problems, or worse.

The primary risk with this silicate is the size of its fibers. The fibers are so small they can penetrate cell nuclei and wrap around cellular DNA. Because they are nearly weightless, they are readily suspended in the air when the material is disturbed, rubbed, or abraded in any way. When inhaled, the fibers penetrate the lungs and force the body into an immune response. White blood cells attempt to engulf the fibers, but with their spear-like shape, they pierce through the white blood cells, killing them. The body then deposits scar tissue in response. Over time, this tissue can become fibrous or cancerous, resulting in a condition known as mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma only has one known cause, which is exposure to this material. Those diagnosed with mesothelioma should consider speaking to an asbestos attorney to discuss their options.

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The Link Between Birth Defects And SSRI Medications

It took more than a decade for researchers to discover the link between birth defects and SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) medications, but it is now clear that these drugs are hazardous for pregnant women. In fact, one of the most-popular antidepressants ever created, Paxil, has been placed in Pregnancy Category D by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), confirming the worst fears regarding the medication. Pregnant women have to choose between putting their unborn child at risk and putting off treatment until after the child’s birth.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors alter many processes in the body by manipulating the concentration of serotonin, an important neurotransmitter. Many of these effects are unpredictable and difficult to track, but it is now clear that the link between birth defects and SSRI use is present. Multiple studies have shown this, including a Danish study in 2005 that discovered a much higher incidence rate of heart problems in children exposed to these drugs during the first trimester of pregnancy. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine also demonstrated an increased risk of birth complications, but in the final trimester.

The link between birth defects and SSRI use is extremely severe, and many cases will end in early death of the child. Even when a child’s life is not in danger, they will require significant medical support to live a normal, healthy life. In some cases, loss of quality of life will be unavoidable even with medical treatment. Some of the most-common complications include major heart and lung problems, neural tube deformities, and cleft palate or lip.

Heart problems were found most often in children exposed to these medications, and they include Tetralogy of Fallot, under development of the heart’s chambers, and persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. Neural tube complications include omphalocele, craniosynostosis and anencephaly. Craniosynostosis and anencephaly often result in brain or organ damage and anencephaly is typically fatal soon after birth. Omphalocele is treatable but will require major surgery to correct. All of these conditions are expensive to treat and often come with a poor long-term prognosis for the child.

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There Is A Wide Variety Of Zoloft Side Effects

Zoloft side effects take many forms, and many of them are life changing or even fatal. Also called sertraline, its generic name, this medication has been the second most-prescribed selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) since its production. It is one of Pfizer’s most-profitable drugs, and even though it has been on the market for more than 20 years, doctors still don’t know the full extent of its risk profile. What researchers do know, though, is that sertraline can cause a number of severe complications that require significant medical support to treat.

Sertraline works by blocking the uptake of serotonin by the body after releasing it into the blood. Serotonin is an imperative neurotransmitter and is in nearly every part of the body. It’s understandable, then, why altering its concentration can cause profound changes in a person. For example, around 2/3 of men suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction while taking sertraline. Many of these men still suffered from sexual dysfunction even after they stopped taking the drug.

Other Zoloft side effects are much worse. Akathisia is a motor disorder that compels a person to remain in motion at all times. In severe cases, akathisia can force people to exhaust or injure themselves because they physically cannot stop. In nearly all instances this condition can greatly reduce a person’s quality of life.

Zoloft is the reason for a number of major birth defects, which is why the Food and Drug Administration has placed it in Pregnancy Category C. Among the defects sertraline can cause are significant heart defects, visceral organ defects, intestinal defects and anal defects. In nearly all instances, these birth defects warrant prolonged medical support and will result in permanent restrictions on the child’s life.

SSRIs are also known to cause suicide ideation in patients, and Zoloft is no different. Among Zoloft side effects, suicide ideation has received the most attention in the media, probably due to its greater frequency in children and adolescents. To protect consumers, the FDA has mandated black box warnings on all sertraline packaging.

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A Bus Accident Attorney May Be The Best Option

If you are in a bus accident, an experienced attorney may be your best option for getting your life back to normal. In Houston, Metro is the household name in mass transit, with hundreds of passenger vehicles and popular new light rail painting the picture of a successful company. Behind the scenes is a company that works hard to minimize its liability, even when its drivers injure and kill pedestrians or other drivers.

When it comes to Metro, the law is extremely complex. Metro has protection under the Texas Tort Claims Act and often shares liability with First Transit, a subcontractor that Metro hands off a lot of work to. Both of these factors allow Metro to complicate the settlement process, making it difficult for victims to get the compensation they deserve. Metro can also use these advantages to stall the settlement process and go on the offensive against victims and their families. For these victims, the expertise a bus accident attorney provides is often the only thing moving the process along.

Lawyers specialized in commercial vehicle incidents also has access to other experts in the field. These experts can independently investigate the incident and provide additional information to strengthen the victim’s case even further.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of September 9, 2014

The identity of the alleged drunk driver, who struck and killed a father and son on Saturday morning, has been release.  According to local authorities, Jose Trinidad Rivera admitted drinking sixteen beers several hours prior to getting behind the wheel and driving his 2000 Chevrolet Silverado.  The Alvarez family was traveling westbound on West Road near the 10300 block of the North Freeway in their 1996 Chevrolet Suburban when Rivera disregarded the red light striking the side of the Alvarez vehicle.  Juan Alvarez and Juan, Jr., his 10-year-old son died at the scene of the incident, while emergency personnel transported Alvarez’s wife and 3-year-old younger son to a Memorial Hermann Hospital.  Rivera is facing several intoxicated manslaughter charges as well as an intoxicated assault charge.

An unexpected tire rupture led to a horrific rollover accident near Abilene, TX over the weekend.  Wade Godwin was driving with his 15-year-old son Dylan in the bed of the pick-up when a tire defect caused their pick-up to flip several times according to witnesses.  The force of the flips threw both Goodwin family members from their vehicle in the process causing multiple injuries.  Emergency personnel transported them to local medical center near Abilene, where Wade was treated and released, but Dylan was not so lucky.  Wade sustained a fractured skull with brain injury as well as other minor fractures.  Dylan underwent a brain surgery in Abilene with hopes of stabilizing him enough to transfer him for further medical attention in Dallas, TX.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of September 8, 2014

Two Texas Tech students died in a car crash in Burnett County on Friday, September 5, 2014.  Ryan and Kylie Murphy, both 20-years-old, were traveling home to Round Rock for Ryan’s birthday party when tragedy struck.  According to local authorities, the Murphy siblings were traveling southbound on Highway 183 when their vehicle veered off the roadway.  Kylie attempted to gain control of the vehicle, yet crossed into oncoming traffic causing a severe head-on collision with a pick-up.

A man in a Honda Accord died Saturday after striking a heavy-duty tow truck in the business parking lot of 470 West Parker Road near the North Freeway in Houston, TX.   Emergency personnel pulled out a man from his vehicle, yet were not successful in saving his life.

A fatal three-vehicle collision closed down the northbound lanes of Highway 59 near the West Loop interchange for several hours on Sunday, September 7, 2014.  A pedestrian was struck and killed after attempting to cross the northbound lanes of Highway 59.  This initial auto/pedestrian incident casued two other vehicles to lose control and sustain damage as well.  The closure affected north bound traffic for several hours.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of September 6, 2014

An alleged drunk driver struck a family and killed a father and son on Saturday morning.  According to the local authorities, the family of four was traveling westbound on West Road near the North Freeway in Houston, TX.  The alleged intoxicated driver was traveling southbound on the service road of the North Freeway where he ran the red light causing a devastating impact with the unsuspecting victims.  The father and minor son died at the scene of the incident, while an ambulance transported the mother and younger son to a local medical facility.  The police department arrested the suspected drunk driver at the scene and he faces at least several intoxicated manslaughter charges.

Dr. Marcel Amstalden, a 44-year-old assistant professor of Animal Science at Texas A&M University, died in a head-on collision near Halettsville in Lavaca County on Wednesday, September 3, 2014.  According to authorities, Dr. Amstalden was driving a 2012 Toyota Prius eastbound on Highway 77 when he veered into the westbound lane of traffic striking a 1997 Fontenelle flatbed trailer.  Emergency personel transported Dr. Amstalden to Lavaca medical Center in Halettsville where he later passed from his injuries.  The incident is currently under investigation.

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