Women Who Had Surgery Via A Morcellator Are Seeking A Lawyer

Many women who have had a surgery that included the use of a power morcellator are seeking a lawyer due to the significant safety risks it poses to patients. These devices have been in use since the 1990s and are usually purposed for hysterectomies or benign fibroid removal. They work by employing a set of whirring blades that mince the problematic tissue, which is then drawn out of the body using a long cylindrical attachment. There are some complications with such a violent removal method, including an increased risk of cancer.

A number of women who have undergone treatment via a morcellator have sought lawyer assistance because they developed severe cancer following treatment. This is because minced tissue may be left behind in the body after surgery, and if the doctor does not detect the cancer prior to treatment, the cancerous tissue may take root in the body and begin growing. This problem was pointed out in a 2011 study published by Fertility and Sterility and was confirmed again by the FDA in April 2014. In fact, the FDA now discourages doctors from using the device to perform hysterectomies or fibroid removal, a significant shift in how this technology is perceived by experts.

In light of the recent safety reports, many victims are already pursuing litigation against several device manufacturers and doctors. Johnson & Johnson is among the defendants and has already pulled its devices from sale in anticipation of coming litigation.

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When Can An ATV Rollover Crash Victim Seek Help From An Attorney?

If you’ve been hurt in an ATV rollover crash, an injury attorney might be able to help you get back on the road to recovery. These vehicles are popular among rural thrill seekers, where hills, forests and plenty of open space is available for testing the vehicle’s limits. This can be deadly though, as these vehicles were not originally designed for quick maneuvers and are poorly equipped for sharp turns and certain driving conditions. In fact, their inherent danger leads to more than 100,000 trips to the emergency room every year, along with nearly 500 deaths. This is because some all-terrain vehicles are made with a higher center of gravity or narrow track widths. Both of these can increase the chances of an ATV rollover crash, and an attorney can often help in these cases.

However, even all-terrain vehicles that operate like they should pose a significant risk due to subtle flaws in their design. For example, most all-terrain vehicles engage both rear wheels at the same time when entering a turn, effectively dragging the outside wheel and creating friction that leads to turn resistance. Most models also come with extremely rigid rear suspension that can speed up turning, but force the inside wheel off the ground, significantly increasing the chances of tipping the vehicle. A personal injury attorney can represent a victim who was harmed by a manufacturing defect in the vehicle, like a sticky throttle or poorly secured wheels.

These risks must be kept in mind when operating an all-terrain vehicle, as riders can experience serious injuries if they are pinned by a vehicle or thrown from it.

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The Connection Of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs And Skin Cancer

Erectile dysfunction drugs and skin cancer have only recently been associated with each other, and the research puts Pfizer and Viagra under yet another uncomfortable spotlight. Sildenafil, Viagra’s generic name, has been prescribed to thousands of men, but it has also been linked to a number of serious side effects, including hearing and vision loss. Now, many researchers believe it can increase the chances of developing melanoma, a deadly, aggressive skin cancer that kills more than 10,000 people every year.

The Journal of the American Medical Association was the first medical publication to release research linking erectile dysfunction drugs and skin cancer. In a June 2014 study, researchers reviewed self-reported data from approximately 32,000 men, 1,600 of whom were taking sildenafil or had taken it in the past. Researchers found that men who took sildenafil had an 84 percent increase in developing melanoma after comparing medical data taken from the men regularly.  That number is eye-catching and will make headlines, but the absolute numbers (4 per 1,000 in the control group versus 8 per 1,000 in the sildenafil group) are not enough to completely confirm the link. What it does confirm though, is the fact that sildenafil creates cell signals that make it easier for melanoma to spread through the body.

Pfizer is no stranger to litigation, and experts believe this will produce another round of claims associated with its little blue pill. Victims who have developed melanoma after taking the medication should consider speaking with a legal professional as Pfizer will likely face millions in damages.

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The Takata Air Bag Recall Is A Large Concern For Many Vehicle Owners

The Takata air bag recall is yet another large-scale safety report that concerns millions of vehicle owners. And, like the GM ignition switch safety alert before it, it involves a serious problem that can result in grave injury and death. Another attribute it shares with the GM alert is secrecy. It is now clear that engineers with the company were aware of the defect years before any consumers were alerted, and nearly a decade before a full alert was released. As a result, the automotive supplier likely faces millions in damages.

The defect that sparked the Takata air bag recall is found in the propellant canister located behind the inflatable safety cushion. On impact, the propellant inside the canister ignites and blows the cushion out of its compartment. This level of power is needed to get the cushion deployed in a fraction of a second. Some of these canisters, though, are defective and allow humidity to infiltrate into the propellant storage area. This can cause the propellant to deteriorate and combust too aggressively in the event of a crash. This, in turn, will explode the canister, sending sharp metal shrapnel into the cabin of the car. This defect has already resulted in more than 100 injuries, including several deaths, mostly due to severe lacerations and blood loss.

A number of victims are already organizing lawsuits against the supplier, and experts believe that the company will have a hard time defending itself in light of its attempts to keep the error a secret.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of December 11, 2014

A single vehicle collision claims the life of a man last night in southeast Houston.  According to the Houston Police Department, a man traveling southbound on the 6300 block of Cullen Road lost control of his white Chevrolet Silverado pick-up striking a tree.  An ambulance transported the man to a local hospital, where he was declared dead.  Police discovered several beer cans both inside the vehicle as well at the scene.  The Harris County Coroner will determine if alcohol played a role in this tragedy.

A man is in critical condition after a severe collision with an 18-wheeler earlier today inside the Walmart parking lot located on FM 529 near Highway 6 in northwest Houston.  According to eyewitnesses, the man appeared to pass out prior to slamming into the 18-wheeler.  Despite initial reports of death, an ambulance transported the man to a local hospital.

A man is dead after slamming into the rear of a construction vehicle and his vehicle bursting into flames this morning on the Sam Houston Tollway near Mesa Drive.  According to the Harris County Constable Precinct 3, the man was traveling westbound on the North Sam Houston when he struck a parked construction vehicle on the shoulder flipping his vehicle prior to erupting in fire.  Firefighters found the body after extinguishing the fire.  The incident affected all westbound lanes of the traffic for several hours.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of December 10, 2014

Several Life Flight helicopters responded to a severe collision between two SUVs in northwest Houston earlier today resulting in three teenage girls transported to the Texas Medical Center.  According to eyewitnesses, a Nissan Murano carrying the three females pulled out in front of an oncoming Jeep SUV at the intersection of Eldridge Parkway and Guernsey Drive.  Emergency personnel used the Jaws of Life to pull one of the females from their vehicle.  The SUV carried three teenage boys, but their injuries are unknown.

A Harris County jury found Margaret Mayer, 36, of failure to stop and render aid after hitting Chelsea Norman, 23, on commonwealth near Waugh Drive in December of 2013.  Norman was riding a bicycle home from Whole Foods after work when Mayer struck her.  The Harris County District Attorney’s office contended Norman might have survived her injuries if Mayer had stopped to provide assistance.  Mayer faces up to 20 years in state prison.

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Filing A Testosterone Lawsuit Against Drug Manufacturers

Several drug makers who produce testosterone supplements will face lawsuit preparations soon, as hormone replacement therapy is proving to be dangerous for a number of people. It’s always a risk when a drug alters hormone levels in the body, as hormones oversee so many body processes. Coupled with misleading marketing and unrealistic claims from doctors, many people are suffering from significant side effects without deriving any benefits from hormone replacement.

Many men who have received testosterone therapy are filing a lawsuit against several drug manufacturers, including pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. These claims assert that they were misled about the benefits of hormone replacement, such as promising improved sexual performance. Many of these claims are poorly researched and have only been demonstrated through patient reports, which are notoriously inaccurate.

The real problem, though, is that hormone replacement results in a five-fold increase in risk of major cardiac events, like deep vein thrombosis, stroke, or heart attack. A study published by the highly respected Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed this additional risk after following around 9,000 men who received the treatment following an angiography. Another study organized by the Boston University school of Medicine confirmed the JAMA study and also showed an increased risk of developing congestive heart failure, an often-fatal condition.

Dozens of claims are already being organized in courts around the country, and the settlement process is likely to begin soon for the victims so that they can attain compensation for medical expenses and possible long-term disability.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Oversee A Variety Of Cases

Motorcycle accident lawyers know the dangers that riders face when they are on the road. Without the protection that comes with standard passenger vehicles, riders have to be extremely careful and vigilant at all times. Unfortunately, while riders are often the safest drivers around, they are unfairly characterized as reckless or careless all too often, leaving them at a disadvantage if they are hurt by another driver. An attorney will work to see that the victim gets their day in court, or gets a favorable settlement before then.

Most of the cases that motorcycle accident lawyers oversee have to do with another driver colliding with the rider while operating their vehicle unsafely. This may include a driver trying to turn left while a rider is passing through an intersection, or making a sudden right-hand turn while the rider is coming up next to them. Bikes can also be wrecked by people carelessly leaving items on the road or leaving their vehicle parked in a dangerous or unlawful position. This is often the case with city work crews using traffic cones or dividers to make space. For a full-size car, these are just a small bump. For a bike, they represent deadly obstacles.

If you have been involved in a crash, do your best to recall all necessary details and write them down. Also, keep track of your medical records, any damages, and try to contact witnesses as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help a victim with these tasks, and they will significantly improve the chances that a victim receives a favorable settlement.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of December 9, 2014

A tragic chain reaction crash on Highway 59 near University Drive in Fort Bend County resulted in the death of a young elementary school teacher last night.  A large pick-up allegedly failed to control its speed striking the rear of Arlene Soto’s small vehicle.  The forceful impact thrust Soto’s vehicle into the vehicle directly in front, thus pinning Soto in her vehicle.  According to authorities, Soto died on impact.  Soto taught at Step Charter Elementary School.

A fire erupted at earlier today at the Akzo Nobel Chemical Plant located at 730 Independence Parkway in La Porte, TX.  Although on-site firefighters extinguished the flames, an ambulance transported a worker to a local hospital to treat injuries.      According to an Akzo Nobel official, the incident broke out during maintenance yet did not identify the cause.  Safety and maintenance are sore spots for the Akzo Noble Chemical Plant in La Porte.  In March of 2013, an electrician sustained severe chemical burns to his face after magnesium oxide caused a fire.  In February of 2007, a series of fires caused by aluminum powder severely burned two employees.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of December 4, 2014

A single vehicle accident brought both the main lanes and feeder of the Sam Houston Tollway near West Road to a complete stop earlier today this afternoon.  According to local investigators, a female lost control of her white SUV veering off the feeder road and striking a light pole, which then toppled over onto the female’s vehicle.  Then, electrical lines fell onto the lanes of traffic resulting in the shut down for several hours.  An ambulance transported the woman to a local hospital.

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