A Dangerous Ride: Bicycle Accidents in Houston

Bicycle dangerous ride accident

For those that have not heard, there has been an epidemic of bicycle accidents in Houston. From the young to the old, lives are being taken over and over by a momentary distraction or lack of sharing the road.  At least 23 cyclists died in a vehicle-related collision in the Houston area over the last five years.

Imagine a pick-up truck striking your child or spouse as they are riding their bicycle home from school or work. No only do many cyclists suffer permanent or debilitating injuries; some often pass away from their injuries.  To make matters worse, the lack of evidence or witnesses complicates the situation.  Unfortunately, this scenario plays out many times throughout the year in Houston.

Many believe the problem lies with drivers not sharing the road. Often, cyclists are killed without having done anything reckless. Many bicycling enthusiasts in Houston are injured each year by inattentive or aggressive drivers attempting to surpass the cyclist. Instead of sharing the road, they refuse to recognize the rights of the cyclist.

Until a well-developed mass transit system relieves some congestion, or Houston drivers become more accommodating to cyclists by learning to share the road, cyclists must ride safe and always be aware of their surroundings.

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Ford Mustang Tree Crash


This weekend’s article will cover vehicles losing control and the aftermath.

Losing control of a vehicle can happen instantly to even the most experienced of drivers.  Whether stemming from a sudden deflation of a defective tire, mechanical failure, faulty maintenance, or simple driver inattention, a vehicle can collide with another vehicle or object and flip thus causing further property damage or loss of life.

Several people were injured while sitting at a bus stop after a vehicle lost control in West Houston Saturday evening about 8 p.m.  According to authorities, witnesses state a Chevy Impala was racing a Ford pick-up on the 5600 block of Chimney Rock Road.  The Impala allegedly struck another vehicle losing control, then striking three innocent victims at the bus stop.  An ambulance transported one of the victims to a local hospital in critical condition.

Several hours later Saturday night across town, a 20-year-old man lost his life after losing control of his new Ford Mustang striking a tree on Ward Road near Strickland Street in Baytown.  The car was a present from his father just several weeks prior to the date of the incident.  Authorities are investigating to determine if speed may have played a factor in the terrible outcome, yet it is crucial someone obtain and correctly analyze the data in the “black box” inside the Ford Mustang.  It is said the young man died on impact.

Sometimes people are confused after a severe injury or even death of a loved one in a Houston auto accident.  Often injury victims are overloaded with medical treatment options, people asking questions property damage to vehicles, paying out of pocket for expensive procedures while losing time from work.  When faced with this gauntlet of decisions and not being sure as to your legal options, it is important to speak with an experienced Houston auto accident lawyer.  A proper investigation that can document a defective vehicle design or prove a negligent driver’s actions is essential.  The last thing an auto manufacturer and or insurance company wants is a well-informed plaintiff.

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Today’s articles will cover the dangers of drunk drivers and backyard fire fits.

Two Pearland police officers are lucky to live to tell about their day at work yesterday morning.  The officers were in their patrol cruiser conducting a routine traffic stop at the 11300 block of Shadowcreek Parkway when an alleged drunk driver crashed into them.  Despite the police cruiser having emergency lights, Sean Lambert, a 39-year-old, impacted them with a Volkswagen.  Lambert was arrested and is now facing a multitude of charges including driving while intoxicated and driving while license is either invalid or suspended.  An ambulance transported both officers to a local hospital to treat minor injuries.

Next, the summer time never fails to bring about an increase in injuries to minorsBackyard fire pits in particular are a quick and available source of danger to kids.  William Vener, a 4-year-old from the Minneapolis area, recently sustained third-degree burns to over fifty percent of his body after falling head-first into a backyard fire pit.  The life-altering injuries will require multiple plastic surgeries and care into his early twenties according to his team of burn specialists.  The take away is always cover a backyard fire pit and build it with som elevation to decrease the chance of a child falling into the flames.

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With all the recent rainy weather affecting Texas, flooding, drownings and property loss are not the only dangers lurking around waiting to ambush us. Today’s stories deal with a train derailment and overturned tractor trailer.

A ninety-five car Union Pacific train headed toward Katy came to a halt after six cars derailed from the tracks, and at least four others flipped onto their sides in Sealy, TX on Wednesday. According to local investigators, the recent, unprecedented level of rain water affected the ground under the railway causing it to give way under the weight of the train. Although it appears that the derailment only resulted in a limestone spill without injuries, this incident seems to be the exception to the rule. Severe injuries are the usual result of a train accident or derailment due to the size and usual speed involved. The damages escalate depending on the volatility of the cargo as well as how densely populated is the area of the incident.

Next, the inclement weather set the stage for tractor-trailer to overturn on Interstate 10 near the Interstate 45 Exchange on Wednesday morning. According to local investigators, the big rig was traveling westbound at an excessive speed when is lost control on the wet roadway. Multiple lanes closed for several hours to allow for emergency vehicles to take care of the scene.

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bicycle dangerous death dan hertweck

Today’s article will discuss a bicycle accident resulting in the death of Dan Hertwck.

A cyclist named Dan Hertweck died Monday evening after an Isuzu box truck struck him in northwest Houston.  According to authorities, both the Isuzu box truck and Hertweck were stopped at a red light facing northbound located in the 1700 block of Antoine Drive and Long Point Road.  As the stoplight changed to green, the Isuzu box truck proceeded into the intersection striking Hertweck.  The driver of the Isuzu box truck remained at the scene and admitted never having seen the bicyclist prior to the impact.  Although an ambulance transported him to Memorial Hermann Northwest, Hertweck succumbed to his injuries.

After a serious injury or the death of a loved one in a Houston bicycle accident, confusion and uncertainty often rule the day.  Frequently, the victim is now forced to undergo multiple surgical procedures and focus on the long road ahead of recovery.  Other times, the family of the victim must now forge ahead without them.  When faced with either tragic circumstance after a collision with a careless Houston driver, it is imperative you speak with a skilled Texas trial lawyer that specializes in bicycle claims.  Time is of the essence when investigating a bicycle injury claim in Houston as witnesses disappear, people forget what they saw, evidence is not properly collected or secured and cooperative drivers at the scene later become elusive, difficult adversaries.  

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Today’s article covers a sad reality: Kids and ATVs do not mixing and the dangers of motorcycles.

An ATV rolled over earlier in the week killing a child named Sam McCawley, 5, in Chambers County.  The incident claimed the life of a second child on Saturday as Mercy McCawley, a 7-year-old girl, succumbed to her injuries.  Life Flight transported Mercy to The Medical Center after the incident which occurred at the 13000 block of Hatcherville Road in Mount Belvieu.  Accrding to investigators, at least six minors were on the ATV when it flipped.  The McCawleys were visiting from North Carolina when the tragedy happened.  The incident is still under investigation to determine if any additional causes are related to causing this incident.  While user error may be the cause, a full investigation should always be conducted to see if some faulty mechanical and/or device may share in the liability.

Next, Officer Myles Burton, 32, was riding in a funeral procession Saturday afternoon when a vehicle lost control causing the incident, which occurred on the 610 West Loop.  An ambulance transported Officer Burton to a local hospital to treat his injuries.  Ironically, the funeral process was for Kyssi Andrews, a deputy herself.

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Train Derailment

Today’s articles will discuss a train derailment and the dangers of swimming alone.

A freight train derailed Thursday morning near downtown Houston near Old Katy Road and Washington Avenue.  According to authorities, about ten cars derailed with two of them flipping over a bridge down below onto Old Katy Road.  The eighty-four car train is owned and operated by the Kansas City Railway Company and was traveling from Beaumont to Kendelton on the date of the incident.  Despite the breathtaking scene, no injuries were reported as only freight spilled from the overturned train cars.  Union Pacific, who manages the rail intersection, as well as other agencies are currently conducting an investigation into the incident to determine the cause of the train derailment.

Next, a man drowned in a retention pond near the Spring Lake Apartments located on the 2200 block of Hollister in west Houston on Thursday afternoon.  According to Michael Owens, a Good Samaritan, who was in the area working construction, the victim jumped into the retention pond and started swimming.  After a while, the man’s strength gave out and sank under the water.  Despite Owens’ best effort of jumping into the retention pond attempting to save the man, the victim drowned.  Official are currently probing the matter to determine what might have occurred.  Anytime an incident results in death, it is imperative the family consult with a Texas drowning lawyer to adequately investigate and document the potential negligence of any contributing party.  As time passes, witnesses get lost, memories fade and the truth becomes more elusive.

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Today’s stories will cover an airbag injury and a head-on collision death.

A lawsuit filed in federal court in Louisiana claims that Kylan Langlinais is the seventh victim killed with a Takata airbag.  Ironically, a recall notice regarding the allegedly faulty airbag arrived at the Langlinais residence two days after her death.  Ms. Langlinais, a 22–year-old from Lafayette, died on April 9, 2015 after losing control of her 2005 Honda Civic and smashing into a utility pole.  According to authorities, the driver’s airbag detonated after the forceful impact projecting metal shards of shrapnel causing a severed right carotid artery.  Takata is currently in the midst of the largest product safety recall in U.S. history that includes almost thirty-four million vehicles with faulty air bag inflators.  Despite the on-going recall, the figure of deaths linked to the faulty air bag inflators continues to increase.

Next, a head-on collision claimed the life of a University of Houston-Clear Lake Police officer during the early morning hours of Monday.  Joe Segovia, who had only been with the department six months, died in a wrong-way collision on the Gulf Freeway near Almeda Genoa.  Investigators with the Houston Police Department indicated a Chrysler 300 traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of the Gulf Freeway slammed into Segovia’s Scion.  Per the Texas Department of Transportation, the Houston area is notorious for wrong-way collisions registering two hundred fifty-one accidents in 2014.  Although alcohol and drugs usually play a factor in most of these incidents, the investigation continues into the Segovia accident.

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Today’s stories deal with a barge collision, a train death, and Blue Bell ice cream.

A barge collision caused the Houston Ship Channel to partial close for several hours Wednesday morning.  According to the U.S. Coast Guard, a barge owned by Kirby Marine collided with another barge resulting in a leak of naphtha, a flammable liquid distilled from petroleum.  Uses for naphtha include helping move heavy oil through pipelines and in making lighter fluid and high octane gasoline.  Estimates place the size of the leak about 20 thousand gallons of naphtha prior to the leak getting fixed.  A shelter-in-place was situated for several hours on the Houston Ship Channel.

Next, a pedestrian is dead after a Metrorail train struck him near the South Loop and Fannin Wednesday Afternoon.  According to eyewitnesses, the man was walking along the train tracks with his back to the train.  Unfortunately, the man was allegedly wearing earbuds in his ears that might have contributed to the incident.

Finally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared an end to their investigation into contaminated listeria Blue Bell products Wednesday afternoon.  People are still cautioned of eating recalled ice cream.  Blue Bell for their part has released a list of all the FDA recommended corrections they have already completed.

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Today’s stories deal with lives lost involving big trucks and a drowning.

Tragedy struck the Klein Forest community Saturday morning as Omar Rodas, an 18-year-old graduating senior, died in a car collision while on his way to his graduation ceremony at NRG Stadium. Rodas was a passenger in a black Honda that struck the rear of a dump truck on Interstate 45. According to local authorities, the events that led to this terrible wreck are still being pieced together, yet believe a black Chevrolet Tahoe may also be involved. This is the fourth high-school age student to die in Texas in the past several months. Others include Alyssa Ramirez, 18, who recently drowned in flooding related waters on May 24 in the San Antonio area; Osvaldo Uresti, 18, of the Houston area died from an accidental shooting; and Abby Lee, 18, of the Katy that passed away after the SUV she was a passenger in flipped in a single-vehicle crash on May 29.

In a similar story, a woman lost her life early Saturday morning after crashing her SUV into the rear of a disabled tractor-trailer in south Houston. According to police, the tractor-trailer pulled over onto the eastbound shoulder of the South Loop near Highway 225 due to mechanical difficulties. It is unknown if the tractor-trailer was completely on the shoulder or if a portion of the big rig was invading the far right lane.

Finally, a 60-year-old Houston man named Manuel Ramirez drowned on East Beach Park in Galveston Saturday afternoon. Ramirez, an avid wade-fisher, was found floating on his back by others in the area. An ambulance transported Ramirez to UTMB, where he was declared dead. Some believe Ramirez may have stepped in a hole while fishing causing him to go under water.

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