Injured Riders Can Recieve Help From Bicycle Accident Lawyers

When a motorist strikes a person riding a bike, bicycle accident lawyers can be helpful in sorting out liability and determining who is at fault. Motorists must be careful when they share the road with riders, as even a slight bump can knock a person to the ground and leave them vulnerable to other traffic. Sadly, though, most collisions involving riders and motorists aren’t just slight bumps, but serious wrecks that often leave lasting injuries.

Bicycle accident lawyers regularly handle cases that concern a “left hook” or “right cross.” A left hook refers to a driver making a left turn into a rider crossing an intersection. A left hook typically occurs when a motorist is not paying attention to the intersection or believes they can cut in front of a rider safely. This is a risky maneuver because a mistake often results in the driver hitting the rider.

A right cross refers to a driver turning right into a bicyclist. This typically happens when a driver does not check their blind spot, or when a motorist believes they can quickly turn in front of the rider. Much like a left hook, a small miscalculation when turning can result in serious injuries for the rider.

Many riders injured by a negligent driver have sought legal counsel in an attempt to recover damages for their injuries.

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What Are Common Causes Of A Crane Accident In The Workplace?

If you work around cranes, you rely on training, workplace safety procedures, properly functioning equipment and the alertness of coworkers and supervisors to avoid a crane accident. Unfortunately, sometimes one or more of these components designed to ensure your safety and wellbeing fail, often resulting in injury or even death.

In September 2014, more than six million people in the United States worked in construction, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Another 213 million were employed in the oil and gas extraction subsector. Each and every day, these hard-working Americans are exposed to risk and the chance that something might go awry with the equipment they need to perform their jobs.

A crane accident causes roughly 22 deaths and 175 injuries each year. Equipment failure and human error are usually to blame. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified contact with power lines, equipment turnover or collapse, and a lack of safety procedures as the primary causes of devastating crane incidents.

Although a person’s life or health can never be replaced, an experienced attorney may be able to help in the recovery of financial compensation for those affected by this type of tragedy. No dollar amount can make up for a life-changing injury or the death of a loved one, but monetary damages for pain and suffering, loss of quality of life or companionship, and medical or burial expenses, can significantly ease the burden in the aftermath of a life-changing event.

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Chemical Explosion Accidents Are A Result Of Negligence

If you work in one of the Houston area’s many refineries or chemical plants, you face the risk of a chemical explosion on a daily basis. You trust that your employer has safety procedures in place that ensure your wellbeing, that you and your co-workers are equipped with the skills and training needed to perform your jobs safely, and that the equipment that surrounds you is inspected regularly and maintained properly.

However, what if these measures aren’t taken? A chemical explosion happens more often than one would think, and the consequences can be devastating. A tiny leak can lead to the explosion of a storage tank; a miniscule spark can ignite combustible gases; contact with oxygen alone can lead to a violent chemical reaction. Due to the ferocious nature of these events, fatalities are common and injuries severe, often ranging from hearing loss to severed limbs, and worse. Mental health problems like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may also occur. The injuries sustained are frequently life-altering and long-term, perhaps even permanent.

These accidents are the result of negligence—a company’s failure to enforce safety regulations, equipment malfunction, inattention, or a lapse in maintenance. Many of them are completely preventable if proper safety measures are taken.

If you become the victim of a blast that could have been avoided, you may want to consider discussing your options with a personal injury attorney to protect your rights. The lawyer will examine the evidence and advise you whether or not you have grounds to seek damages to help cover medical bills, loss of income and more.

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When Should Help From A Birth Injury Attorney Be Considered?

If your infant was harmed at birth as a result of a medical professional’s error, negligence or malpractice, it may be time to consider the services of a birth injury attorney.

Each year, approximately 28,000 newborns in the United States suffer various types of trauma during pregnancy, at birth, or within the first few hours of life. Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that as many as 30% of these incidents are entirely preventable.

Some of the events that may lead to harm of an infant include delayed C-sections, unwarranted use of vacuum extraction or forceps, missed signs of fetal distress or excessive use of labor-inducing medications. As a result, some babies may suffer from bruising, shoulder dystocia or infant jaundice, all the way to much more severe conditions like cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus or brachial plexus injury.

Fetal or newborn injury causes tremendous distress to not only the baby, but family members as well. Aside from the infant’s potential physical pain, parents often experience emotional anguish and are saddled with staggering medical expenses that can translate into financial ruin.

A baby’s health is priceless, and no amount of monetary relief can compensate for a child’s wellbeing. It can, however, ease the financial worries of families and provide funds for the child’s ongoing care requirements. In addition, a successful lawsuit holds responsible parties accountable, possibly deterring future negligence by medical personnel.

With proper documentation of events, a birth injury attorney will fight to deliver some much-needed financial peace of mind.

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Causes Of Injuries Due To The da Vinci Surgical System

As medicine adds newer and newer technologies to its arsenal, it’s only natural that doctors would begin incorporating technologies like the da Vinci surgical system. This device is used in a variety of laparoscopic and gynecological surgeries, and was originally billed as a safer alternative to traditional surgery. During a procedure, a surgeon controls the device’s movement, and because it can move in ways that a human can’t, it is supposed to be safer. However, many people have been hurt by the system, casting doubt on this claim.

The technology has been implicated in a lot of burn and hemorrhaging injuries, most of them caused by the robot’s uninsulated arms. During surgery, the da Vinci system can accidentally deliver an unchecked electrical burst through these arms, burning internal organs or severing arteries.

Though one current lawsuit claims that the system has significant design flaws, most point to user error as the cause of the injury. When a hospital purchases the technology, the manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical, offers two days of training to hospital personnel. Intuitive claims that this short training period is all that’s required to bring surgeons up to speed, but some doctors who have used the system have claimed that it takes hundreds of uses to get comfortable with the device. As a result, many injuries that have been caused by the system were the result of doctors not familiar with its capabilities.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of October 21, 2014

A big rig collision this afternoon closed all the westbound lanes of the East Freeway near Dell Dale for several hours.  Injuries were such that Lifeflight transported a person to the Texas Medical Center.  Local authorities are currently investigating the cause of the wreck between the big rig and a van.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration is urging over 4.7 million car owners in the United States to act promptly and repair their air bags.  A safety group allegedly linked fours death to air bags manufactured by Takata Corporation, a Japanese auto supplier to Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Ford and general Motors.   Apparently, the inflator mechanism may rupture when the air bag is deployed causing metal fragments to explode toward the victim.  These automakers have recalled over twelve million vehicles worldwide.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of October 20, 2014

A collision between a car and a horse last night in northwest Houston results in both dying.  According to local authorities, the incident occurred near Knox Street and West Little York Street when an SUV lost control and struck a man riding a horse.  The horse died at the scene, while emergency personnel transported both the driver of the SUV and the man riding the horse.  The driver passed away later the same day at a hospital.  The horse diver was treated and released from a hospital.

A simple traffic stop on Highway 288 almost near Angleton almost turns tragic earlier this afternoon.  Texas Department of Safety Trooper E.J. King pulled over an 18-wheeler hauling pipes for a commercial inspection.  As Trooper King was performing the inspection, a pick-up hauling a full load of hay bales attempted to switch lanes and lost control striking the rear of the Trooper’s SUV and crushing it.  According to authorities, Trooper King and the 18-wheeler driver were near the vehicle filling out paperwork when the impact occurred.   Lifeflight responded to the scene and transported both Trooper King and the 18-wheeler driver to Memorial Hermann Hospital.  The investigation into this incident is still on going.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of October 18, 2014

A large, industrial crane tipped over Friday afternoon in west Houston.  Miraculously, the crane with extended boom landed between a building under construction and the Don McGill Toyota parking lot full of vehicles.  Metal shrapnel flew in all directions when the crane landed causing damage to some of the vehicle at the Toyota dealership.  This random accident illustrates how dangerous a crane can be even in the hands of a trained professional.

A single-vehicle collision claims the life of Jairo Quintanilla Friday evening.  According to authorities, Quintanilla and a passenger were traveling eastbound in a Saturn Vue on the 21700 block of Highway 290 feeder and Huffmeister Road.  Quintanilla lost control of the vehicle leaving the road, striking a concrete retention wall, and flipping.  Good Samaritans saved the passenger, yet were unable to save Quintanilla prior to flames consuming the Saturn.

Despite having a green light while entering the interstation of Old Humble Road and the North Sam Houston Parkway this morning, the driver of a vehicle is found at fault for failing to yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle.  How can this happen you may ask?  The McRay Crane and Rigging industrial crane, which T-boned the vehicle, was traveling with a Police escort and the officer is claiming the right of way regardless of the color of the traffic light.  Although the vehicle sustained severe damage, the three passengers were able to walk away from the incident.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of October 15, 2014

An alleged drunk driver struck and killed a man pushing a bicycle along the East Freeway near Sheldon Road last night.  The Harris County Sherriff’s Department arrested the driver for driving while intoxicated, yet refuses to include intoxication manslaughter since the pedestrian was in the lane of traffic.

Robert Kirk Owens, 43, of Nacogdoches, TX, died in a head-on collision with a big-rig truck Monday morning in Walker County.  According to local authorities, Owens was traveling southbound on Highway 19 when he lost control of his vehicle on the wet pavement entering the opposite lane of traffic and slamming into the big rig.  Owens died at the scene of the incident while an ambulance transported his passenger Courtney Todd Allen, 43, to a local medical facility in Conroe.  Emergency personnel transported the driver of the big rig Andrew Curt Muse, 23, to a Huntsville hospital.  The incident remains under investigation.

A private school bus struck a male cyclist this morning in southeast Houston resulting in his death.  According to the Houston Police Department, the incident occurred on Airport Blvd. near Hansen Road affecting all eastbound traffic.  The incident is currently under investigation.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of October 14, 2014

Two women allegedly under the influence of alcohol sustained minor injuries early Monday morning after leaving a club located near Gulf Bank Road and Airline Drive.  They struck several parked vehicles and crashed into a used tire shop in north Houston.  An off-duty Harris County Sherriff attempted to apprehend the females before hitting the used tire shop.  The incident is currently under investigation.

Debra Powell Dewberry, 63, of Onalaska, TX died early Saturday morning in an intersectional collision at Highway 59 and FM 350 in Polk County.  According to local authorities, Dewberry failed to yield the right of way at the stop sign causing Jodi Lynn Groves, 37, to strike her with her Jeep Wrangler.  Dewberry passed away at the scene of the incident.

One of the three teenagers involved in a single-vehicle rollover on Sunday died yesterday from his injuries in San Angelo, TX.  Jehren Hebert, a 16-year-old, was found pinned under the Jeep after it flipped several times.  According to the San Angelo Police Department, the driver Cristian Bustos, 16, attempted to “drift,” which is an off-road maneuver, losing control of his Jeep.   Both Bustos and another passenger David Rodriguez, 16, refused treatment at the time of the incident, which occurred on private property near the Mayfield Paper Company.

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