Why Does A Garbage Truck Accident In Houston Occur?

A garbage truck accident in the Houston area may not seem like a common occurrence, but these huge vehicles pose a serious threat to other motorists, pedestrians and the workers who do their job around them. Whether on foot or in a car, people have to be on their guard when around a waste management vehicle.  These large vehicles have a tendency to make sudden starts and stops, and their drivers often slip into inattention as they get used to the rhythm of starting, stopping and starting again.

When a garbage truck accident occurs in Houston, though, it’s not always due to the actions of the driver. These vehicles are often equipped with an automated gripping arm that grabs trash bins, picks them up, and empties them. If the arm isn’t controlled well, it may fling debris or the bin itself, possibly hurting anyone struck by the thrown objects. Debris left on roads can also pose a risk for drivers and could cause a crash.

Waste management workers have to contend with a number of dangers of their own as well. With so much heavy equipment and the frequent stops and starts, it’s not uncommon for workers to be struck by the vehicle or by powered equipment, causing serious crushing or lacerating injuries.

No matter who is hurt and how, an injury attorney can help the victim file a claim against the vehicle’s owner and do everything possible to attain a favorable settlement for the victim.

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Reasons Families Seek A Birth Injury Lawyer In Texas

No family wants to have to consult with a birth injury lawyer in Texas, but the tragic truth is that thousands of children every year are harmed by the negligence of others. Uncontrollable genetic and environmental factors are involved in most newborn complications, but reckless doctors and pharmaceutical companies can also cause harm. This may be due to dangerous medications that haven’t been properly tested, doctors not paying attention to drug warning labels, or delivering doctors handling the child improperly during delivery.

Dangerous drugs are the primary reason families seek a birth injury lawyer in Texas. For example, Zofran was once prescribed extensively to pregnant mothers combating morning sickness. However, although the drug was approved for use by the FDA in 1991, it was only approved for patients recovering from surgery or undergoing chemo. Its safety in pregnant women was never verified, but even so, this didn’t stop GlaxoSmithKline from pushing it on doctors for their pregnant patients. Now, several studies have determined that Zofran greatly increases the chances of developing heart defects, and these defects can have a serious impact on a child’s long-term health.

Doctors are supposed to be the line of defense against unnecessary risks, so they must spot dangerous drugs before they are given to a child, and ensure the child is protected during delivery. When doctors fail in this duty of care, they may be liable for any harm that befalls the child.

Regardless of how the child is hurt, though, an attorney can help a family determine their best legal options.

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The Importance Of A Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Houston

A motorcycle accident attorney in Houston sees some of the worst injuries possible. With little protection from collisions, and the extreme weight difference between a bike and a car, bikers are often smashed into with terrifying force or thrown clear off their bike. When a crash does occur, it is often due to the inattention of the other motorist, but a biker can keep themselves as safe as possible by practicing safe driving and by wearing a helmet.

The defendant’s lawyer will likely try to argue for comparative negligence to protect their client from full liability. If the victim isn’t prepared for this defense, their case may be undermined. A motorcycle accident attorney in the Houston area will know how to deflect these tactics and knows the laws that the claim will hinge on. State helmet laws and local biking ordinances will have an impact on what kind of compensation the victim will be able to receive, so it is essential that they are known and accounted for before the case begins.

And when it is time to go to settlement, having an experienced lawyer on your side may make all the difference. Injury lawyers know the “value” of an injury, and can aggressively pursue additional compensation or any long-term complications the victim is likely to suffer from, as well as compensation awarded for pain and suffering. This expertise will be invaluable when it comes time to negotiate a compensation package and will ensure the victim gets as much restitution as possible.

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Today’s articles cover injuries both on land and out at sea.

HPD Damaged Vehicle

HPD Damaged Vehicle — Courtesy of Houston Chronicle

First, a dramatic auto collision in southwest Houston resulted in two Houston Police Department officers getting rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital at the Medical Center Tuesday morning.  According to authorities, the incident occurred about 9:30 a.m. near the 9898 block of Forum Park and Sugar Branch Drive.  The HPD squad car sustained serious damage after another vehicle smashed into it.  Investigators are thoroughly processing the facts in this case to identify the cause of the crash.  In fact, it is unknown if the officers were responding to an emergency call when the incident happened.

U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin Helicopter

U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin Helicopter

Next, we are reminded why seamen risk their lives every single time they go out to sea.  Three men were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard and Galveston Beach Patrol Tuesday morning after the engines on their vessel failed and almost capsizing.  The currents forced their vessel onto the South Jetty of the Houston Ship Channel near Galveston Island in the Gulf of Mexico.  According to authorities, two of the men were rescued by swimmers of the Galveston Beach Patrol with long surfboards and a power ski.  The third victim was saved by an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter from the U.S. Coast Guard after sustaining a leg injury that prevented him from swimming.

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How Can A Semi Truck Accident Lawyer In Houston Help Victims?

A semi truck accident lawyer in Houston is ready to handle some of the worst injury cases possible. The heavy traffic in the city, along with the heavy mass behind an 18-wheeler, is capable of causing serious crashes. In the worst wrecks, the 18-wheeler may pin smaller cars against guardrails, walls, or sweep the cars under its cargo bed, possibly crushing the vehicle’s cabin. As such, victims are often left with severe, possibly fatal physical trauma, including spine and brain injuries.

When a semi truck accident occurs, a lawyer in Houston can help the victim get the legal representation they deserve. An injury attorney is particularly helpful when filing a claim following an 18-wheeler crash because there are often several parties involved in the operation and maintenance of a commercial vehicle. This includes the driver, the vehicle owner, the company responsible for hiring the driver, the people responsible for maintaining the 18 wheelers, and the company that builds the vehicles.

An attorney can help organize and file a claim against multiple defendants using police reports, crash investigation reports, vehicle operation data from the 18-wheeler’s “black box,” witness testimony, and photos taken from the crash site. Handling all of this information can be overwhelming for a victim, especially if they are recovering from serious injuries. An experienced attorney will have everything on hand when it is time to negotiate a settlement, and this will maximize a victim’s chances of walking away with fair compensation.

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What Should A Victim Do After A Big Rig Accident?

Victims of a big rig accident often have an extremely long road of recovery ahead of them, and for some, it’s a road that never comes to a conclusion. Those that survive such an encounter often struggle with long-term complications, like the loss of mobility or limb use, chronic pain, or loss of organ function. If the brain or spine is damaged during a crash, these effects may be especially profound and permanent. Therefore, it is essential that a victim know what to do if they are involved in a crash.

Assuming a victim can do so, they must act as soon as a big rig accident occurs. Get the police, explain your side of the story in detail, write down notes and facts, get contact information from witnesses, and try to come up with a clear sequence of events that corroborates with the police’s assessment of the crash. Once you start receiving medical treatment, keep a written record of all testing and treatment. During the negotiation phase, medical records can provide a strong point in the victim’s favor and drive up the value of a settlement.

Of course, one of the smartest things a victim can do is consult with a legal professional to determine what options they have to recover compensation for their injuries. An attorney can also speed up the negotiation phase, and ensure the victim’s story is argued clearly and thoroughly during the trial phase.

In some ways, an attorney will become a victim’s closest friend and ally when managing a commercial vehicle crash claim. They are set on getting as favorable a settlement as possible for their client, and this compensation may be enough to provide for medical expenses indefinitely.

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Oil Tanks

Oil Tanks

Warnings were issued by federal officials regarding the danger of inhaling chemicals at oil wells after the death of nine workers over the past five years.  The deaths affected workers who dealt with crude production tanks in North Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Texas, and Oklahoma.  North Dakota and Colorado each sustained three deaths while the other states each had one death.  It is thought that each of the victims inhaled toxic amounts of hydrocarbon chemicals while tank gauging, which is taking measurements of fluids in the oil tanks.  Expose to hydrocarbons may cause symptoms ranging from disorientation to death.  The CDC, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and other industry leaders are recommending limits to the hydrocarbon exposure, increasing training, improving respiratory protections, and using technology to gauge the tanks remotely.

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Airplane Piper PA-24

Airplane Piper PA-24 — Courtesy of CBS Detroit

A plane crash claimed the life of a Texas family north of San Antonio Sunday afternoon.  According to local authorities, a single-engine Piper PA-24 carrying the Galloway Family was taking off from Kestrel Air Park in Spring Branch, TX when it lost altitude and slammed into a parking lot near Highway 281.  The Galloway family included Michael Scott Galloway (38), the pilot, Heather Louise Galloway (32) and their two children Clayton (10) and Cheyenne Elizabeth (8).  The Federal Aviation Administration started an investigation into the potential contributing factors of the airplane accident that may include product defects, faulty maintenance, or pilot error.  In serious injury including fatalities, it is imperative a board certified personal injury lawyer is contracted to perform an independent investigation and review of the facts and evidence.  

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Texting And Driving Are A Deadly Combination

Texting and driving are a deadly combination, but Texas still hasn’t made the practice illegal. On average, the act of messaging someone on a phone takes a motorist’s eyes off the road for roughly five seconds. During this time, the motorist is effectively blind and won’t be likely to react to changing traffic situations. According to a University of Utah study, teenagers who message on their phones have reaction times equivalent to 70-year-old motorists. Phone use is linked to about 1.5 million vehicle accidents every year and half a million injuries.

Although only novice motorists are banned from texting and driving in Texas, motorists who engage in it are almost always considered liable if they are involved in a wreck. A motorist is unlikely to admit to messaging on their phone, but the results are usually unmistakable. Teenage motorists spend about 10 percent of their time drifting into other lanes when messaging on the road, and even if it’s not immediately obvious, an attorney can pull records from the phone or phone company to verify its use just prior to a crash.

Vehicle accidents change lives, even if the injuries don’t linger. But they often do, resulting in chronic pain, loss of mobility and limb use, and permanent debilitations to the brain. Recovering from these injuries is usually expensive and painful, and if the responsible motorist would have only put the phone away, the victim would still be whole. But the victim shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial burden, so anyone hurt in an accident is encouraged to seek assistance from a lawyer familiar with these cases.

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What To Do After A Tow Truck Accident In Houston Occurs

When a tow truck accident occurs in Houston, it may seem a little strange. After all, these vehicles are responsible for cleaning up crashes, so they must be safe, right? Unfortunately, with their heavy mass and propensity for mechanical failure, they are often involved in serious crashes. The injuries resulting from these wrecks can affect a victim’s quality of life permanently, and they may not be able to return to work or even maintain basic daily activities. And still, these crashes are completely preventable as long as the driver is observing safety protocols.

There are several common causes of a tow truck accident in Houston. Chief among them is driver error or inattention. This is exacerbated by companies that push their drivers into responding quickly to crash sites. The pressure can cause drivers to make dangerous turns or lane changes, or miss simple safety checks when loading a vehicle for transport. Mechanical failure is another common issue, often involving cables or attachment mechanisms. This can cause the loaded vehicle to shake free and tumble into the street behind the transport vehicle. Other motorists will have almost no time to swerve out of the way, an action that can also lead to crashes.

When a transport vehicle is involved in a wreck, the cause is almost always preventable. Negligence, though, may come from the driver or the company employing the driver, so the victim may have to fight for a claim on multiple fronts. An experienced attorney will have the tools and insight to do this effectively, and ensure the victim has an aggressive presence at the negotiation table.

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