TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of April 22, 2015

At least sixteen people are hospitalized after a rollover accident in NW Houston on Wednesday morning.  A white passenger van traveling westbound on Pinemont near Antoine was on a field trip transporting thirteen special needs patients when it crashed with another vehicle.  The Impact caused the passenger van to rollover onto it’s side.  While authorities continue the investigation into the cause of the collision, the passenger van’s design may be a factor as well.  Although passenger vans can hold up to fifteen people, they were initially designed to hold cargo, which introduces a different dynamic according to design experts.    

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of April 21, 2015

A baby was successfully delivered by doctors at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital after the mother died from an auto-pedestrian accident on Monday afternoon.  According to authorities, the pregnant mother was involved in an altercation with her husband, who attemtped to leave the scene in a pick-up on the 9800 block of South Kirkwood.  The pregnant woman attempted to hold onto the pick-up’s door as it drove away, thus resulting in her injury.  The man immediately called called for help.  Despite an ambulance transporting her to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, she died at the hospital prior to the delivery of the baby.  The child was then Life Flighted to the Texas Medical Center for further evaluations.


Ten people were hospitalized after a three-car pile-up in Klein on Tuesday afternoon.  According to investigators, eyewitnesses noted a silver Nissan ran several stop signs and was driving recklessly moments before striking the rear of a daycare passenger van loaded with children near the intersection of Northbridge Circle and Hidden Trail.  The carnage could have been much worse had it not been for a quick acting crossing guard who saved several children from certain injury at the hands of the irresponsible driver.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of April 20, 2015

Traffic on the Gulf Freeway was seriously affected for hours on Saturday morning after an accident caused an hour long closure in both directions.  According to investigators, a Nissan Altima lost control while traveling northbound on the 7800 block of the Gulf Freeway striking a concrete wall multiple times.  The severe collision resulted in damage to the concrete wall and the surrounding asphalt which added to the traffic delay.  Prior to emergency personnel arriving, a Chrysler sedan in avertedly struck the stranded Nissan Altima in the rear.  The driver of the Chrysler fled on foot from the scene.  An ambulance transported the drive of the Nissan Altima to Ben Taub Hospital, where he is listed in serious condition.

A Good Samaritan is dead after stopping to help a stranded motorist in a Dodge Magnum with a flat tire off Interstate 10 East near Needlepoint Street this past Sunday.  While the tire change was in progress, a Dodge Charger veered off it’s lane of traffic onto the right shoulder striking the Dodge Magnum.  A man died at the scene of the incident, while Life Flight transported another person from the from the scene to a local hospital.  Authorities are investigating the possibility of this being an alcohol related collision and obtaining a blood sample of the Dodge Charger driver. 

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How Can An Attorney Help With A Defective Product Liability Claim

A defective product is a liability issue, and when said product hurts someone, the manufacturer or designer should be held responsible for their negligence. In today’s world of mass production, quality controls are more important than ever. However, companies often cut corners with item prototyping and testing, carelessly putting dangerous consumer items on the shelves. Sometimes, such flaws can put a person at risk for severe or fatal injuries. With the help of an experienced attorney, though, a victim may be able to pursue compensation for their injuries.

If a person is hurt by a defective product, the liability typically rests on the manufacturer or designer of the item. If the item’s flaw is structural in origin, such as a crack in the body of an appliance or the use of inferior parts, the manufacturer will shoulder the responsibility for any injuries. If the item in question is inherently dangerous based on its construction or purpose, like an ATV that emits a dangerous amount of heat around the rider’s legs, the item’s designer will take the blame.

These claims can also be slotted into a third category. If the documentation that comes with the item is inadequate and this leads to injury, the victim may have a claim. For instance, if a container of hazardous chemicals is not labeled as such, a victim may have a claim if they expose themselves to the substance without realizing the danger.

The type of claim will have a significant impact on how the case is managed, and some claims can be categorized in more than one area. This is a primary reason victims often turn to experienced attorneys to help them with their claim.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of April 17, 2015

A family of six barely escaped alive from a house fire in southwest Houston in the early morning hours of Thursday.  Per the Houston Fire Department, the fire erupted a little after 2:30 a.m. and quickly engulfed the family garage located on the 5700 block of Newquay Street.  Although the flames were largely contained to the garage, the main structure of the family home sustained smoke and water damage.  An investigation is currently underway to isolate the origin of the costly fire.

A 17-year old student at San Jacinto College survived a fall from a third story balcony at the Health Science building this past Thursday morning.  An ambulance transported the teenager to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center from San Jacinto’s south campus, which is located at 13735 Beamer Road.  Authorities continue to investigate the cause of the incident.  A fall from such a distance can very easily result in permanent injuries such as a traumatic brain injury or death.  The student is also currently enrolled at Clear Horizons Early College High School, which allows participants to receive an associate arts college degree and a high school diploma concurrently.

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Why A Family Suffering From A Drowning Should Hire Lawyer

It can be nearly impossible for a family to recover from a drowning, but a lawyer can at least make sure that the responsible party is held liable for their negligence. For decades, safety ordinances associated with pools were poorly enforced and ill-defined, leaving children at major risk every time they entered the water. Pools are often overcrowded, poorly maintained, and manned by lifeguards that are either inattentive or untrained. Any of these can be a significant factor when an accident occurs.

Every pool must keep its lights, fencing, ladders and drains in good condition, or they will do more harm than good. This is particularly true of drain covers. Until recently, some drain covers were highly likely to entrap children that strayed too close to them and pinned them under the water, making a fatal drowning inevitable. A lawyer will verify that the pool owner has installed safe drains and lights, in accordance with city, state and national laws. For instance, it is now illegal to install drains that can cause entrapment. To do so is negligent.

There must also be safety equipment present in the event of an accident. Shepard’s hooks and life preservers are just a couple of the required items, but many pool owners fail to provide even these simple pieces of equipment.

Families who have lost a loved one in this way can be left wondering why, and how they can possibly move on. An attorney can’t provide all of the answers, but they can ensure that no one else is harmed by the negligent party’s recklessness.

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Parents Of A Child With Birth Defects Considering An Attorney Assistance

When birth defects are present, an attorney can help a family pursue legal action against a doctor or other healthcare provider that was acting in negligence. Babies in utero are extremely vulnerable to any number of environmental risks, such as dangerous prescription drugs or reckless delivery procedures. In most cases, a family won’t even know how their child was harmed by negligent medical practices, in part because a doctor will not admit fault when the complication is discovered. This is especially true when the child is handled roughly during delivery. If there are any severe complications present, the hospital may claim that the reckless procedures were a medical necessity for some poorly defined reason. In short, parents should strongly consider lawyer assistance if their child has been affected by severe complications.

Prescription drugs like isotretinoin, lithium, ACE inhibitors, warfarin and some antibiotics can result in serious birth defects. An attorney that has experience in the field will know which medications a pregnant woman can take safely and will be able to review a woman’s medical records to see if there are any dangerous drugs present. It’s not always clear why some pregnant women are given dangerous medications. Some doctors don’t pay attention to research or just disregard the risks because they don’t believe in it. In any case, giving known teratogens and other risky medications to women during pregnancy is negligent and grounds for legal action.

However, fighting a medical malpractice or drug injury case can be difficult, as the defendant will often have a team of lawyers on their side to fight the claim. That’s why victims should always consider a lawyer who has experience in drug injury cases and has a history of taking on powerful institutions.

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The Risk Of A Boat Accident Should Be Taken Seriously

Many vessel owners don’t take the risk of a boat accident seriously, believing that the open water and their skill will help them through any dangerous situation. This recklessness often leads to trouble, and the results can be tragic. Every year, more than 4,000 wrecks claim about 700 lives, and the vast majority of these crashes could have been prevented with just a little care and extra attention. And in the event of a wreck, the risk of death is still rather low if there is adequate safety equipment onboard. Unfortunately, vessel owners often fail in this regard as well.

A common place for a boat accident is in a harbor or other high traffic areas. The primary cause has always been operator inattention, as many vessel owners only take their vessel out when entertaining guests. However, there is also a severe lack of formal training among many vessel owners. In fact, the state of Florida found that about half of the wrecks that occur in the state involved an operator with no formal navigation training. That’s like a driver getting behind the wheel before taking driver’s ed. Excessive speed, mechanical failure and alcohol use are all common factors in vessel crashes as well.

If a wreck does occur, lifejackets and preservers can greatly improve a person’s odds of surviving. With this in mind, it is frustrating to know that authorities cite thousands of vessel owners every year for not keeping enough lifejackets onboard in the event of a crash.

When a person is hurt in a wreck, the injuries can be long-lasting or even permanent. An injury attorney can help a victim sort out the unique laws that govern the waters and help them aggressively pursue a claim against the negligent parties.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of April 13, 2015

In today’s stories, we will cover a troubled 18-wheeler and a bus accident.

A Hazmat team responded this Monday afternoon to an overturned 18-wheeler in northwest Harris County.  The incident occurred on De Zavalla Street and Market Street in Channelview, TX.  After overturning, the tanker truck’s container was breached resulting in a large oil spill which has closed off the affected intersection.  The extent of the oil spill and the long term environmental affects will not be known for some time.

At least thirteen students and a bus driver were injured after two school buses from the Houston Independent School district (HISD) were involved in a head-on collision Monday afternoon in northeast Houston.  The incident occurred on the 5500 block of Bacher Street and Bonaire Street.  According to HISD, the students are from Burrus Elementary and Elmore Elementary School.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of April 12, 2015

In today’s stories, we have the usual array of accidents dealing from 18 wheelers to SUVs causing serious injuries and fatalities.

A car wreck Friday evening claimed the life of a man in south Houston.  The man came to the assistance of his son whose vehicle was inoperable and stranded near Highway 288 and Almeda Genoa around 9:30 p.m.  According to local authorities, the man accidentally stepped out into the lanes of traffic and a vehicle struck the man.  The police continue to investigate the potential contributing factors of the incident.

The next day on Saturday afternoon, Jasmine Griffith, a 16-year-old, lost control of his mother’s SUV shattering through an apartment wall causing serious injuries to a female relaxing in her living room.  Griffith was transported to a local hospital with injuries to his shoulders and back while injuries to an underage passenger in the SUV are unknown at this time.  The incident happened at the Woodstone Manor Apartments on Land’s End Drive in southwest Houston.

Several hours later, Jose Martir Salazar-Ramirez caused a fatal wrong-way crash on the 1500 block of Gears Road resulting in intoxication manslaughter charges.  Salazar-Ramirez was driving a Mitsubishi Galant along with several passengers when he veered into the oncoming lane of traffic striking a Ford pick-up.  An ambulance transported the highly intoxicated Salazar-Ramirez as well as a passenger to a local hospital in critical condition.  Ever Medrano, the second passenger in the Mitsubishi Galant was instantly killed at the scene of the incident.  At least seven victims from the Ford pick-up were transported to several nearby hospitals.

Finally, a tragic story our of Fort Worth results in five people dying in a blazing accident after a tractor trailer collided with multiple vehicles on Interstate 30.  According to local authorities, the 18-wheeler crashed into several vehicles that were stopped along Interstate 30 attempting to assist a motorist who had previously been involved in a single-vehicle collision.  Four people died at the scene while last victim was pronounced dead at a local medical center.  After the impact, the 18-wheeler was engulfed in flames.  Beside the five fatalities, at least twelve people others sustained injuries.  The police are investigating the potential contributing factors into the incident.

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