How Does An Electrical Injury Usually Occur?

Even though the accident may only last for a brief moment, an electrical injury can change a person’s life forever. The human body is dangerously conductive, so the effects of a shock may not even be known until weeks after the accident occurs. However, there are typically a number of immediate effects as well, such as severe burns and nerve damage. In some cases, a shock may disable a victim’s heart or lungs, and cause significant cognitive disruption. As such, it is important that this primal energy be kept in check at all times.

When an electrical injury occurs, it’s usually because someone made a costly mistake. Faulty wiring, poor equipment maintenance, downed power lines and inadequate warning signage are all common causes of an accident. If the accident was caused by a defective product, then the manufacturer or designer will likely shoulder the blame for any damages. If the accident occurred on a worksite, then the contractor responsible for creating the dangerous situation will be culpable. For example, construction sites may employ dozens of contractors at once to fill a number of roles. If a contractor is tasked to set up wiring or a control box, then they will have to do it according to OSHA’s standards. Unfortunately, many choose not to do so and put others at risk as a result.

If an electrical shock has harmed a person, an expert witness may need to testify on their behalf. An expert can help investigate the accident and determine the cause. This testimony will be extremely valuable when it comes time to settle or argue in court, and an attorney can help find the right witness for a victim.

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Ways A Rider Can Avoid A Motorcycle Accident

When a motorcycle accident occurs, tragedy usually follows immediately. Riders don’t have the same degree of protection as people driving in cars and are almost always thrown from their bikes in the event of a crash. And as any safety expert will tell you, things can quickly go from bad to worse when a person is ejected from their bike. For this reason, it is crucial for a rider to avoid crashes at all costs, and there are a few simple ways to further this approach.

In a large number of cases, a motorcycle accident is the result of poor training with the bike. Many riders forego attaining a driver’s license for their bike, thinking that if they stay on the back roads, they won’t have to worry. However, licensing courses include safety classes as well, and these will prepare a rider for conditions they will face on the road. And training from a professional driving instructor will help the rider prepare for nearly any scenario.

The best way to stay out of trouble is to observe all traffic laws and avoid dangerous situations like lane sharing. Other motorists aren’t used to sharing lanes with bikes and can suddenly sideswipe or collide with a bike they don’t see. Of course, any rider without a helmet and protective wear is putting their life on the line for no reason. Traffic safety experts have concluded that if every rider wore a helmet, the number of rider deaths would be reduced by more than a third. It’s one of the easiest ways for a rider to protect themselves, and proper safety may mean the difference between life and death.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of March 23, 2015

Over the weekend, Aaron Thomas Jamison, an 18-year-old student of Seven Lakes High School in Katy, TX, was charged with two counts of manslaughter stemming from a wreck in Fort Bend County this past December 2014.  Jamison allegedly flipped a pick-up truck resulting in the death of Trent Weber, 17, and Terra Kubla, 16, both Katy ISD students.


A hit-and-run driver caused the death of a woman and injured two men in Montgomery County this weekend.  According to authorities, a vehicle traveling southbound on Interstate 45 switched lanes and impacted a 2005 Lincoln LS, which then struck a concrete median and bounced back into the lanes of traffic.  Minutes later, a 2012 Buick Enclave also hit the Lincoln LS.  Habib Almishkhas, the driver of the Lincoln, was injured, while his passenger, Sawson Almilad, passed away from her injuries.  The driver of the Buick Enclave survived, but was injured as well.  The local authorities are investigating who the driver of the original vehicle that caused the deadly incident and fled the scene.


A big rig flipped Saturday afternoon on Interstate 10 near Pederson Road in West Houston.  Wreckage from the tractor-trailer affected traffic in both directions of Interstate 10 for several hours.

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Texas Accidents in the News: Day of March 19, 2015

A young boy drowned in a backyard pond near Rosenberg in Fort Bend County on Wednesday. The 4 year old was taken to Oak Bend Medical Center where he died about an hour later.

A small airplane crashed outside El Paso county. The wreckage of the Cessna 182 and body of the pilot were found by Border Patrol Wednesday morning.

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What To Do When In San Antonio And Involved In A Bus Accident

When a tour group takes a trip to San Antonio, a bus accident is the furthest thing from their minds, but a crash involving a passenger vehicle can be tragic reality. Charter companies have a major responsibility to their passengers, providing safe passage to and around the Alamo City. If this duty is not met, there may be several parties responsible for any injuries. This is what differentiates these cases from standard vehicle crashes. There are many people involved in common carrier’s operations, including the driver, the charter company and the vehicle’s owner.

In San Antonio, a charter bus accident is typically caused by driver error, either on the part of the carrier operator or on the part of another motorist. If the carrier driver causes the wreck, the vehicle owner and company responsible for hiring the driver will be liable for any damages. The tour company might also share blame if they hired a vehicle service with a poor safety record. If mechanical failure is present during a crash, the vehicle owner will, again, be responsible for injuries.

If another motorist causes the crash, they will absorb liability though there may be shared liability between multiple drivers if it isn’t clear who is at fault. And finally, the tour destination may be responsible for injuries caused on their premises if they don’t provide a safe place for the vehicle to stop and let passengers on and off the vehicle.

With so many factors to consider, these cases are rarely clearly defined. That’s why victims often turn to an injury attorney to help sort through the facts.

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A Spine Injury Is Often A Result Of A Vehicle Crash

Few medical complications are as serious as a spine injury, as they are almost always permanent and severely debilitating. Even damage to the lowest vertebrae can rob a victim of their bladder and bowel control, which is enough to lower a person’s quality of life rather dramatically. And, unfortunately, the situation is usually much worse than this. In the most severe incidents, a victim may not be able to control their body at all or may have to remain on life support.

A spine injury is typically the result of sudden physical trauma, including violence or falls. Almost half, though, are the result of a vehicle crash. During a crash, a vehicle’s occupants may be tossed around the interior of the car or flung from it entirely. Even with a seatbelt on, a victim may be pinned by another vehicle, guardrail or the ground if the vehicle is tipped over. The huge difference in weight between the victim and the vehicle all but guarantees damage to the vertebrae if a person ends up pressed against something during a crash.

Injuries to the spine can leave a person unable to take care of themselves or without the use of their legs, and victims often lose their ability to work and provide for themselves. If quadriplegia is present, a victim will need around the clock assistance to take care of basic needs. Medical expenses will quickly add up in these situations, and a victim will need to explore all of their legal options to help compensate. A personal injury attorney can provide counsel and representation in this way, ensuring a victim doesn’t have to navigate the courts alone.

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When Should Victims Of An Amputation Injury Contact A Lawyer?

The only time a person should receive an amputation is when injury or disease make it a necessary life-saving measure. The loss of a limb is something that many people never get over, as it can completely change how a person lives. It often means changing jobs, or not being able to work at all. Phantom pain may be present and harass a victim. Active people may not be able to stay physically fit or enjoy the same things after losing an arm or a leg. In terms of emotional impact, few things compare to limb loss, so you would hope that medical practitioners would never remove a limb mistakenly. Unfortunately, it happens far too often.

Hospitals have to maintain tight control over their staff and organizational procedures, especially when treating a patient who may undergo amputation. The only way to ensure everyone receives the proper procedure is with accurate medical records. This ensures that when patients are administered anesthesia, attending doctors and surgeons know who is who. However, these records are often mixed up, and if the medical staff doesn’t double check before taking off a limb, the patient will wake up in a living nightmare. Limb loss may also occur if a surgeon or nurse makes an elementary mistake during a procedure, like incorrectly inserting an IV. Patients are typically told that limb removal was an unavoidable necessity, but this is usually done to deflect liability.

No matter what’s behind the mistaken amputation, an injury lawyer will work to hold the responsible party accountable for their negligence. Victims will face an expensive road to recovery, and a settlement may be the only way to afford it.

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What Do The Majority Of Cases In Texas For Birth Defects Involve?

In Texas, the rate of birth defects is not particularly high at 4 percent, but this still represents thousands of newborns every year. Medical research still has a long way to go in identifying and preventing these serious complications, as about 70 percent of cases cannot be tied to a direct cause. However, with proper medical treatment and a responsive healthcare provider, it is possible to detect potential complications ahead of time and avoid them. Also, there are many known risk factors that mothers-to-be must avoid, including a number of prescription drugs. It is a doctor’s responsibility to steer a pregnant patient away from these risks and help ensure the health of the child.

The majority of cases in Texas involve birth defects to the heart though there are also a large number of neurological, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal complications as well. Cardiovascular complications are particularly troublesome because they mean an increased risk of secondary heart problems.

In general, complications in newborns are due to genetic, environmental or developmental issues. Though most of these factors cannot be controlled, some of them can. Many prescription drugs, like Accutane, Warfarin and some antidepressants have been linked to a number of serious complications, like atrial valve deformities and cranial deformities. If a doctor isn’t paying attention to what their patients are taking, they may end up giving a pregnant patient something extremely dangerous. A doctor may also be responsible for complications that are caused by a slow response to a risky situation. For example, if the child becomes entangled in the umbilical cord, it may cut off nutrients or oxygen and result in serious harm.

Parents expect their children to be in good hands when medical professionals are involved. When they fail in this duty, healthcare professionals must be held liable.

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Texas Accidents in the News: Day of March 16, 2015

Diana Williams of Sealy was killed over the weekend when her car rolled over. She lost control of her Chevy Malibu causing it to hit a parked vehicle on the side of I-45 just south of Huntsville.

A correctional officer died last week when a co-worker lost control of his Toyota Camry and crashed into a tree along FM 247.

A man was hit by a Tahoe when crossing US 290 early Saturday morning. Scott Allen Schwebel was struck and killed at the scene.

Two were killed in Lakeway near Austin after a chase ended in a head-on collision. Officers started tailing a car on FM 620 and the suspect began to flee. The car struck another head on in an intersection and the suspect as well as a women were declared dead. Another male with life threatening injuries was air lifted.

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What Legal Rights Does A Victim With A Burn Injury Have?

A burn injury can change a victim’s life forever, leaving them in long-term physical and emotional anguish if the incident was severe enough. And in some cases, even a relatively minor accident can leave noticeable scars, and these can cause serious distress if they are located on the face or neck. In the wake of a disaster, a victim can be left in limbo, dealing with mounting medical and therapy costs, along with adjusting to their new quality of life. Unsurprisingly, many victims forget that they have legal rights when hurt by another person’s negligence, but these rights can go a long way to securing a victim’s financial future.

Although there are several disasters that can cause a burn injury, almost half of them occur during vehicle accidents. In the immediate wake of a crash, spilled fuel or other flammable fluids can ignite with a spark and consume anyone trapped inside the vehicle. Most of these victims will suffer extensive second and third-degree tissue damage, both of which can cause nerve damage and disfiguring scars.

Because these incidents often take a major physical and emotional toll on victims, courts are more likely to award a higher settlement, especially if the damage is in a visible area like the face. However, every court and case is different, so a victim can’t afford to take a chance without a legal professional on their side. With an experienced lawyer facilitating a case, a victim can aggressively pursue a settlement that takes care of their immediate and long-term needs.

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