The Results Of A Charter Bus Crash Are Usually Tragic

When a charter bus crash occurs, the results are usually tragic. A full passenger vehicle may hold up to 50 people or more, and only some vehicles come with safety restraints. Also, because these vehicles are so heavy, there is a great deal of force involved in any wreck. While this means smaller vehicles are at high risk around passenger vehicles, an accident can send metal debris flying or result in a fire. As a result, the injuries caused by these disasters can be severe.

As long as the driver maintains control of the vehicle and the company that owns the vehicle maintains it properly, the chances of a severe charter bus crash are minimal. However, driver inattention and owner negligence are extremely common, and lapses in training procedures are also an issue. A passenger vehicle driver has to maintain a commercial driver’s license and must undergo an extensive training process to get accustomed to the vehicle, its air brakes, and the route the driver will take. Typically, this takes between one and three months. In truth, this training phase is often truncated, putting everyone in the vehicle at risk. And if the vehicle’s brakes, engine, and tires aren’t regularly inspected, sudden mechanical failure may occur, and an untrained driver will not be able to respond properly.

A vehicle that weighs more than 10 tons has to be maintained and handled properly at all times. When someone responsible for either acts negligently, the results can be devastating.

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A Car Seat Can Prevent An Infant Death On The Road

The most effective way to prevent infant death on the road is to place the child securely in a car seat. Even the safest driver is going to be involved in a minor accident from time to time, and what would be a forgettable fender bender to an adult can cause serious injury to a young child. This is particularly true of children under 1 year of age, as their bones haven’t fully formed yet and can’t handle as much stress as older children and adults. In fact, a young child is 70 percent more likely to be killed in a crash if they are not placed in a car seat. And it only takes minutes to do.

A car seat can prevent infant death by directing the forces involved in a crash away from the child. They are highly effective at preventing head, neck and spine trauma and can shield the child from debris and shattered glass. However, they have to be placed in the vehicle correctly. The seat should face the back of the car and be in the back seat. The shoulder straps should not touch the child’s neck, and the child should not be dressed in bulky clothes that may interfere with the straps in any way. Instead, place a blanket over the child once they are strapped in to keep them warm.

Eventually, the child won’t need their seat anymore, but if a parent wants to do everything possible to see that day, they should always protect their child with a car seat and proper installation.

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About Defective Product Cases And What The Law Requires

An attorney that handles defective product cases knows the law offers a powerful layer of protection for consumers everywhere. Every year, thousands of these claims are filed in courts around the nation, and they range from simple cases to widespread recalls of entire vehicle models. In general, though, the approach is similar. The attorney and victim will work together to demonstrate the victim’s injuries to the court and prove that the flawed item was responsible for the accident.

A successful claim must show that the victim was injured and that the defective product caused their injury. The law also requires the attorney to prove that the victim was using the item appropriately at the time of the accident. For example, if a driver is in an SUV that rolls over due, at least in part, to a design flaw, they may be in line for a settlement. If, however, a police report states that the driver was speeding recklessly at the time, it will be harder to win a claim.

Because it can be difficult to prove these claims, most cases are organized in the wake of a recall. This usually means vehicle and drug recalls, though manufacturers may also recall children’s toys and appliances fairly often. Regardless, though, the attorney will do their best to gather expert witnesses and information relevant to the item in question and its manufacturer. This will ensure the victim is as prepared as can be during negotiation and trial.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of February 23, 2015

There were several interesting stories over the weekend to cover in today’s blog including a wrong-way driver and several serious car accidents involving fatalities in Houston, TX.

Early Saturday morning, Billie Hollie, a 42-year-old Conroe man, was driving the wrong direction on Interstate 45 which prompted public concern.  Upon further investigation by the Conroe Police Department, Hollie was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.  According to Hollie, a motorist pointed him in the wrong direction which he was unable to subsequently correct.

Also occurring early Saturday morning, a fatal car accident claimed the life of a woman near George Bush Intercontinental Airport in northwest Houston.  According to reports, Barbara Chretain was traveling northbound on 20500 block of Aldine Westfield Road when it strayed off the roadway and rolling over multiple times.  Chretain was ejected from her 1994 Toyota Corolla through the driver’s door window.  Authorities have not ruled out alcohol as a contributing factor in this tragic incident and continue their investigation.

In an eerily similar story, a man died Sunday morning after in a single-vehicle collision in northwest Houston.  The man’s vehicle veered off the roadway on Veterans Memorial and Torre Forest crashing into a concrete culvert causing the vehicle to explode in flames.  Bothe the male and the vehicle were burned beyond recognition.  Police is currently investigating the contributing factors as to the cause of this incident.

Finally, a woman lost control of her vehicle causing a single vehicle collision this morning in the Cypress area.  The vehicle struck several trees on West Road and Wheat Road in Houston.  A woman was transported to a local hospital.

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A Traumatic Brain Injury Often Results In Permanent Complications

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the worst medical conditions a person can experience, as it often results in permanent complications. Trauma to the brain can occur in a variety of settings, but vehicle accidents, gunshot wounds and falls cause the vast majority of TBIs. Vehicle accidents, in particular, are responsible for a vast number of TBIs because of the violent physical forces involved. Striking the dashboard or being whipped around the inside of the vehicle cabin can easily result in contusions, lacerations and lesions to sensitive tissue inside the skull.

A brain injury can present in a number of unpredictable ways, though the severity of the TBI will largely determine how profound the complications are. A mild TBI like a concussion may fade after a week or two and leave no lasting effects. A severe TBI can kill a person instantly or put them in a deep coma. Even people who recover from a moderate or severe TBI will typically have long-term debilitations to deal with, including speech, mood, motor or cognitive disorders.

Treating a TBI is expensive and often requires extended physical and mental therapy. This can quickly put someone in financial danger, which is why many victims consider speaking with an attorney about their accident. Many of these incidents are preventable, and if negligence causes them, then a victim has a legal right to compensation.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of February 19, 2015

Today’s story reports on yet another fatal car accident in Houston, TX.

Last night, a single-vehicle collision claimed the life of a man and injured a female passenger in southwest Houston.  According to authorities, the couple was traveling westbound on Hidalgo Street near McCulloch Circle, when their Chevrolet Malibu veered off the roadway clipping the curb and striking a tree.  Emergency personnel responded and transported both victims to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, where the male victim would later succumb to his injuries.  The female appeared to have non-life threatening injuries and was treated and released.  Authorities continue the investigation of the deadly crash.  As I can only hope, a thorough investigation of the Chevrolet Malibu will be conducted to determine the possibility of a defective GM ignition switch playing a part in this fatal incident.  The danger of these defective GM ignition cases, where a vehicle loses steering control and air bag deployment capabilities, has been covered in the news, as well as this blog, in recent months.

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A Crane Collapse Is One Of The Worse Industrial Accidents

One of the worst industrial accidents that can occur on a worksite is a crane collapse. When one of these massive pieces of machinery fails, the results are often sudden and deadly. Towering lifters are responsible for handling tons of material in a single go, and though they can exert a tremendous amount of power, they are rather risky if they are not operated just right. In Texas, this is a scary proposition because the state does not require operators to be certified. In the wake of some of the worst accidents in state history, one of the primary causes was having poorly trained workers at the controls.

In most cases, when a crane collapse occurs, it’s because the lifter was used beyond its operational limits. For example, the July 2008 incident in south Houston that killed four workers was due to maneuvering the lifting boom at an angle that the boom could not maintain. This was, in part because the operator was not trained to manage different risky situations. In some cases, lifters are weighed down with additional counterweights and forced to pick up loads beyond their normal capacity. While the counterweights will keep the lift from tipping, it won’t keep the boom upright, which is usually what fails in these situations.

These accidents can be prevented if worksite safety managers observe proper measures during the setup and operation of the machine. Unfortunately, too many worksites willingly put their workers at risk.

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What Are Defective Product Cases?

Defective product cases cover a range of suits, and they require an experienced and responsive attorney to manage properly. This is because every claim is different and can involve something as obviously dangerous as a flawed vehicle design, to something as little as a misplaced warning decal. And though they can involve just about anything that is marketed and sold to consumers, they tend to be confined to a few types of consumer items.

The most common defective product cases involve poorly manufactured or designed medications, vehicles, children’s toys, chemicals and industrial equipment. There may not seem to be a lot in common between these items, but they do share one important aspect. All of them can cause serious harm if they do not function the way they are supposed to. Flawed children’s toys may present a choking hazard or may be made with hazardous materials. Corrosive or dangerous chemicals may not be properly marked, or include dangerous components like asbestos. Vehicles include a lot of parts, and if any are poorly built, mechanical failure may occur. Dangerous vehicle designs like top-heavy SUVs have also been the subject of a lot of claims. Industrial equipment, especially agricultural equipment, has to be made precisely and include extensive documentation on proper use. Without it, a person can misuse the machinery in a deadly way. Finally, medications must be thoroughly tested before they are sold to patients, and they must be pulled from the market as soon as they demonstrate serious risks.

No matter what the subject of the claim is, a personal injury attorney with experience in the field will be able to demonstrate the merits of an individual case, as well as pursue an aggressive settlement on behalf of the victim.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of February 18, 2015

Today’s story involves a fatal car accident in Houston, TX.

A woman is dead after an SUV rolled multiple times causing her ejection in northeast Houston early this morning.  According to authorities, two females were traveling down the feeder of the U.S. 90/Crosby Freeway approaching Normandy Street in a Chevrolet Tahoe when they collided with a Nissan resulting in a serious car accident The impact caused the Chevrolet Tahoe to flip and strike a pole killing one of the females.  The other female denied driving the Tahoe despite being the owner.  An ambulance responded the scene of the car accident and transported the driver of the Nissan sedan to a local hospital.  The authorities continue the investigation into who was driving the Tahoe.

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TEXAS ACCIDENTS IN THE NEWS: Day of February 16, 2015

Today’s daily stories deal with the poor choices people make regarding their kids and/or family when drinking and driving.

Traci Renee Gregory, 49, is facing several felony charges after a small fender bender on Friday afternoon.  Gregory is facing a charge of driving while intoxicated with a child and endangerment of a child for abandoning her grandchildren at the scene of the collision.  According to the Baytown Police Department, Gregory struck the rear of a transit bus on Garth Road and Park Street.  Gregory then inexplicably removed her grandchildren from her vehicle and left the scene.  Gregory was arrested after failing a field sobriety test.

In our next case, Deleisha Hightower, 23, of Channelview is also facing a felony count of endangering of a child after causing an auto collision Sunday afternoon.  When the Houston Police Department arrived at the 600 block of Maxey Road, they observed her three-year-old child was unrestrained.  An ambulance transported the child to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

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