BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Lawsuits Are Still Being Filed By Attorneys

BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lawsuits continue to be filed, even almost three years after the tragic disaster occurred. Accidents on the job are more common than people realize, and for those workers who are hurt, an attorney can help them get restitution for their pain and suffering. Even in cases of wrongful death, an expert can help the family use the courts to their advantage and get a fair judgment for the untimely loss of their loved one.

Around 9:48 p.m. on April 20, 2010, the stillness of the night was broken when the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded. This incident killed 11 employees and wounded approximately 16 others. Most are familiar with the incident, as it caused the massive BP oil spill that poured hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the peaceful waters of the Gulf, making it one of the worst ecological disasters in history. For the families of those killed and hurt, however, the explosion undoubtedly changed their lives forever.

Often, workers’ compensation is not enough, and for acts of gross negligence like those committed prior to the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, an attorney that specializes in BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lawsuits should be contacted. If the companies involved in the operation of the platform had done their due diligence, the disaster would have never occurred. The investigation process following the disaster took many weeks and turned up several things that went wrong before the explosion. The cement casing that keeps pressure at a manageable level and prevents natural gas from entering the well failed at some point. When the cementing fails and natural gas leaks into the well, it throws off the pressure balance in the well which can eventually lead to a catastrophic event such as this.

First, it depresses the flow of mud into the drill area, taking away the operators’ ability to regulate pressure spikes. With only seconds to react, the operators tried to enact the only available failsafe, a shear ram. The ram cuts through the drill pipe and seals off the well, keeping gas and oil from escaping. Unfortunately, it did not work, either because it had malfunctioned or because it was having trouble cutting through a drill joint. Gas streaking to the platform caused the detonation and resulted in the loss of life. Investigators found several small acts of negligence that compounded risk, so workers involved in the accident were encouraged to seek an attorney that is familiar with BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lawsuits.

Sadly, corporate loyalty to its people tends to evaporate when a disaster like the Deepwater Horizon explosion occurs, and multiple reports of Transocean pressuring its employees not to file suit were made by media outlets. These workers were asked to avoid seeking a wrongful death attorney in houston, especially those that would file BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lawsuits. Relinquishing rights in this way, though, can leave the employee and his or her family without options when it’s time to handle medical care costs or stagnated employment. Anyone who is ever put in this situation should contact a legal representative right away.

Following the Deepwater accident, multiple lawsuits were filed and billions of dollars in awards were handed out to those affected. In the future, anyone who is hurt on a job site like this should contact an attorney, as the legal process is long, arduous and requires an expert level of skill. Negligent companies will often do everything they can to avoid compensating wounded employees, so hire a legal ally that is experienced with BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lawsuits.

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