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Focusing on Sleep Apnea Could Also Improve School Bus Safety

With seemingly daily reminders of public concern over – and prevalence of – sleep apnea, we are also learning how it insidiously invades our daily waking lives. When those afflicted with this sleep disorder are unable to remain awake during crucial periods, like when they are driving, calls for remedial action by the general public […]

Bus travel offers an inexpensive and convenient alternative to air travel. As such, many more people are turning to that mode of transportation for their interstate or recreational travel needs. But with the increase in ridership, there is a congruent increase in accidents. Some of these are minor, such as colliding with a sign, not […]

One thing Chinese cities and Houston have in common is traffic. Recently, China debuted the first Transit Elevated Bus (the “TEB-1”) to help alleviate traffic jams for mass transit. The TEB-1 is designed to drive over cars. It is 16-feet high and has a clearance of about 7 feet underneath, so it can keep moving […]

Dozens of people are killed in fatal bus rollover accidents every year, and in nearly every instance, the accident is due to negligence on someone’s part. Common carriers like Greyhound and the numerous companies that run charter vehicles have a duty to their customers to provide safe passage. When the common carrier fails to do […]

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, a charter bus traveling to a Texas casino crashed rolling over resulting in eight deaths and at least 44 injured in South Texas. According to local authorities, the charter bus operated by OGA Charters, based in San Juan, Texas, may have lost control due to inclement weather conditions on U.S. […]

A Houston bus wreck is no simple legal situation, as there can be many different parties involved, each with varying levels of liability. It’s common for people in the Bayou City to take charter buses to explore the city or to visit casinos in Louisiana. With all of this traffic, accidents can happen, and they […]

When tour companies and other common carriers are involved in bus accident cases, negligence is often the primary cause behind the incident. Common carriers, such as casino charters and Greyhound, are expected to provide close oversight regarding their drivers and operating procedures, but many fail to meet this standard. All too often, unqualified drivers are […]

A bus rollover accident has the potential to injure or kill dozens, and when one occurs, it is usually because someone was somehow careless. Perhaps it was the driver falling asleep at the wheel. Perhaps it was due to poor maintenance of the vehicle. Perhaps the common carrier did not do their due diligence when […]

When a charter bus crash occurs, the results are usually tragic. A full passenger vehicle may hold up to 50 people or more, and only some vehicles come with safety restraints. Also, because these vehicles are so heavy, there is a great deal of force involved in any wreck. While this means smaller vehicles are […]

When Metro is involved in a bus or light rail crash, the results are often devastating. These passenger carriers weigh more than other vehicles on the road, so they can obliterate anything they collide with, including pedestrians caught in the middle of a crosswalk. Even worse, Metro responds to these incidents poorly, often leaving victims […]