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Two Killed, One Critically Injured in Two-Vehicle Accident

April 27, 2019


According to recent reports, the three victims of the accident were headed to a church meeting when the crash took place.

April 27, 2019 – 3:00 pm: Jolanda Silas and Edwina King were both killed in an accident on Saturday afternoon, in which Shawndra Silas was critically injured. There is no word on the condition of the 16-year-old driver of the other vehicle in the crash.

The accident took place on the 2500 block of Fallbrook Drive.

Police report that the driver of the vehicle pulled out into an intersection when a 16-year-old with a learner’s permit hit the car. The teen may have been speeding in his pickup truck at the time, but investigators say he had the right of way and had no way to avoid the crash.

The teen driver has not been identified to the public at the present time. Investigators report that the driver had the right of way when the driver of the black car pulled out into his path.

Family members of the deceased say they are having a hard time dealing with the lost. Cedric Cheeves, who lost his mother in the crash, says, “Superhero, superhero. That was my mom. She was my superhero.”

The accident is still under investigation at this time.

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