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One Injury in 7-Vehicle Accident Involving School Bus

May 6, 2019


According to Garland Police, the driver of the school bus was not harmed in the crash.

May 2, 2019 – 9:00 am: A crash took place in Garland, Texas on Thursday morning, involving seven vehicles and injuring one person. The crash involved a Garland ISD school bus and an 18-wheeler, along with five other vehicles.

The crash took place near the intersection of North 1st Street and North Walnut Street in Garland, Texas.

Garland Police state that a big rig was making a turn when another vehicle went through the intersection and hit it. The big rig went out of control, going over the median and hitting four other vehicles, including the school bus.

The bus was flipped onto its side in the force of the impact.

The police report that one person was hospitalized with minor injuries in the aftermath of the accident. Even though the bus was flipped onto its side in the crash, the bus driver was unharmed in the crash.

Traffic was shut down for some time at the site of the accident while cleanup and investigation were underway. The crash site has since been reopened and traffic is running normally.

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