Child Injured After Getting Off School Bus

by Terry Bryant

According to police, a woman drove around a stopped school bus and hit the child in the middle of the intersection.

April 10, 2019 – 3:00 pm: A child was hit by a car after getting off of a school bus on Wednesday afternoon. The child has not been identified publicly, but a statement from HISD states that the child was a student at Longfellow Elementary School and that the student has been hospitalized.

The accident took place on Hearth Drive in southwest Houston.

According to police, a woman drove around the bus while it was unloading. She ignored the flashing stop lights on the bus, hitting the child in the middle of an intersection.

Officer Mark Leatherwood of the Houston Police Department states, “If you’re out there driving, please obey what the lights say. Stop. Don’t go around them. This accident could have been avoided.”
A public statement from the school districts states that police are continuing to investigate the crash. The statement also says, “We want to remind all drivers to please obey the laws about stopping when school buses are loading and unloading children and please obey school zone speed limits.”

The accident is still under investigation.

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