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Child Dies After Being Impaled on Fence

May 6, 2019


According to Fort Worth Police, the children were trying to flee pool security when one of them was impaled on the fence.

May 6, 2019 – 7:00 pm: A Fort Worth child was killed Monday evening after being impaled while trying to jump a fence. Jean Pierre Mwenge, 11, was taken to Cook Children’s Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

The event took place at the Ladera Palm Apartments in Fort Worth. A group of children had climbed over the fence into a locked swimming pool area. The apartment security told the children to leave, and the group of children broke up and ran back over the fence.

Mwenge lost his footing while going over the fence, and was impaled on one of the iron rods. He was taken to the Cook Children’s Medical Center and pronounced dead once he succumbed to his wounds.

The accident is still under investigation, but at this time Fort Worth Police state that the event appears to have been simply a tragic accident. It does not appear likely that anyone will face any criminal charges in connection with the young boy’s unfortunate death. That being said, investigation is still ongoing.

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