Month: April 2016

Texas only requires motorists to carry a 30/60 bodily injury liability auto insurance policy. This means that, in the event you are at fault in an auto accident involving a car full of people, any one person can only recover a maximum of $30,000, and all persons involved can only recover a maximum of $60,000 […]

When someone is the victim of an accident or has experienced personal harm due to negligence, a Texas injury lawyer will help redress the case and seek compensation for damages, hospital bills, and time away from work. Engaging the services of an attorney is the best way to proceed if there is a legitimate claim. […]

During the week of April 18, 2016, Houston—once again—saw overwhelming rainfall. Many areas experienced rainfall that rivaled current records. Eight people lost their lives. Over recent years, it has become an annual event for Houston to flood to overwhelming levels, leaving people trapped in cars and homes. Although many experts are attributing recent flooding to […]

Polaris has issued a recall for the RZR recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV). This recall affects model years 2013-2016 RZR 900 and RZR 1000 ROVs. These ROVs were recalled after more than 160 consumers reported fires involving the recalled RZRs. At the time the recall was issued, 19 injuries, including multiple burn injuries, had been reported. […]

Knowing when to call an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Houston is extremely important. Houston is a city with a lot of roadways and, subsequently, a lot of semi-trailer trucks (also known as tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, or big rigs). Unfortunately, a lot of huge trucks on the roads means a lot of auto accidents […]

Although lung cancer and mesothelioma share a lot of the same characteristics, and are both deadly diseases that require extensive medical treatment, they are caused by different factors and progress in different ways. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to pinpoint the cause of a tumor, especially when it takes decades to detect them […]

When a driver is involved in a vehicle crash, it may be necessary for them to seek an accident attorney that handles auto cases. TX, like most states, sees many injury claims resulting from vehicle crashes, and as a result, there is plenty of prior-case law that guides these claims. Aside from some rare exceptions, […]

The last thing most people think of when getting hurt is to having to contact a Houston personal injury attorney. However, accidents happen that are sometimes beyond our control. When a person suffers injury due to negligence by an individual or a business, and the insurance companies involved try to avoid liability, it becomes necessary […]

Companies that produce consumer products assume liability in the event that their goods cause injury, but even though businesses face several legal and financial penalties if they release a defective item to the public, it still happens regularly. In fact, there are safety recalls every week regarding consumer and medical products, and while many of […]

Brain X-Ray

A brain injury attorney in Houston has to be able to provide long-term guidance as well as legal assistance in the short-term. Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are often unpredictable and can leave people with chronic pain, cognitive deficiencies, or behavioral changes. In severe cases, these complications are permanent and may only be controlled with […]