Month: January 2013

There were over 5 million automobile accidents in 2009, according to US government figures. Around one third of these accidents included distracted or impaired drivers, and there were over 30,000 fatalities and over 2 million personal injuries. Statistics such as this suggest that most people or someone they love will experience a traffic related injury […]

Theme park accidents may conjure up horrible images of roller coasters flying off the tracks, but the truth is that most incidents are more mundane. They can, however, involve serious injuries that cause a person to be permanently wounded, and this happens every year at amusement parks in the U.S. Whether it happens on a […]

At a time when railway injuries are becoming more common, it stands to reason that the need for a railroad injury lawyer has also become common place. This type of attorney specializes in knowing and comprehending all of the legal nuances that are specific to these types of incidents. The Federal Safety Appliance Act (FSSA) […]

While there are many occupations where risk is just another part of the job, many found themselves looking for an attorney that handles BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lawsuits after the April 20, 2010 disaster. Hiring an attorney can make the difference between being fairly compensated and being left with nothing. Never assume that workers’ […]

They are a major cause of death every year, and most people don’t even realize it, but when someone is involved in an unintentional drowning, a swimming pool accident lawyer may be needed. A pool accident is all too common, and the number of fatalities and injuries that occur because of them is shocking. An […]

While there are efforts in place to reduce workplace hazards, at one time it was more common for people to work in dangerous conditions, and exposure to asbestos has brought about an increase in people seeking help from mesothelioma lawyers. Asbestosis and mesothelioma are conditions that afflict the health and overall function of the lungs. […]