eBook: An Overview for Texas Accident Victims

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Terry Bryant - Accident eBook“I wrote this book after coming to realize that my clients truly needed it. Over more than 25 years of representing seriously injured Texans, I have seen hundreds, even thousands, of clients who were seriously injured through someone else’s careless behavior. Many of these clients had interacted with a lawyer in some way before, and most of them had substantial knowledge and experience in their own fields of expertise. Still, very few of them had any experience with personal injury law.

That was how I came to realize that clients needed more from me than just good legal representation. And that was why I wrote this book: To provide a basic guide for newcomers to the world of personal injury law. With it, I hope to help clients and potential clients understand their legal rights after an accident, especially when dealing with insurance companies and other organizations that are adverse to their interests. I also set out to give people who are considering a lawsuit an idea of what they can expect throughout the process, from our initial meeting until the day they receive a settlement check.” – Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law