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How safe do you feel as a consumer? Do you believe that there are adequate protections set in place to protect you from harmful products? Apparently, most consumers in the U.S. say no, according to a new survey from Consumer Reports. 65% of those surveyed said they don’t have faith in oversight of consumer goods. […]

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Whether you realize it or not, your life has been affected by herbicides. Herbicides have been used for decades to kill weeds, and they are used in our gardens, on our foods, and in many other settings, such as vineyards. While herbicides can provide several benefits to growers of crops, gardens, or lawns, they can […]

Endoscope Surgical Infection

What is an Endoscopy Examination? An endoscopy is a procedure that a doctor uses to see inside the esophagus (throat), the stomach, and the upper section of the small intestine. The medical tool that is used is called an endoscope, and it is made up of a camera mounted on a thin, bendable scope that […]

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently working hard to notify consumers that they may have purchased some contaminated baking mixes between December 2015 and February 2016. The specific mixes in question contain General Mills flour that could be tied to an ongoing E. coli O121 outbreak. Exactly What is E. Coli? The Mayo […]

Increased risk of ovarian cancer is linked to the use of talc powder, also widely known as baby powder. Manufacturers of the product have been aware of the link for years after several studies were conducted. Researchers have conducted studies for decades to understand the link between using the product and the risk of disease. […]

Companies that produce consumer products assume liability in the event that their goods cause injury, but even though businesses face several legal and financial penalties if they release a defective item to the public, it still happens regularly. In fact, there are safety recalls every week regarding consumer and medical products, and while many of […]

More and more people that have received an IVC, or an inferior vena cava filter, have chosen to consult with an IVC filter injury lawyer. With this type of claim, it is important to consult with an attorney that has knowledge of product liability law. Product liability law can be disconcerting, but an expert will […]

When it comes to a products liability, an attorney can provide the needed advice on how to proceed with a claim, and how to steer it through the legal process. These are some of the most common cases in the legal field, as nearly anything can cause harm if it is not tested properly prior […]

A power morcellator recall became necessary once researchers discovered its link to cancer. The device is made with a motorized blade attached to a rod, and the blade is designed to mince tissue at the treatment site – usually diseased tissue in the uterus. The rod is also made with a vacuum system that sucks […]

While power morcellator use won’t cause cancer, it can make it much worse if it is already present. Typically used during hysterectomies and myomectomies, these devices were initially heralded as a big jump forward, making it possible to perform the procedures through a laparoscopic incision. But now the device is considered so dangerous that the […]