Though it is a popular birth control drug, Yaz studies show that the active ingredient in the medication can cause serious, possibly fatal, medical complications. Birth preventatives usually work by changing the hormonal environment at the conception site, preventing the body from developing an embryo. In this drug, the hormone of choice is drospirenone. This hormone is synthetic and is also a powerful diuretic. Before this drug was put on the market, drospirenone had never been marketed in the country. As a result, consumers have been forced to file many Yaz injury lawsuits regarding its claims and adverse effects.

Yaz medical studies show that people taking drospirenone have a much greater chance of developing thrombotic events. Venous thrombosis was often observed among victims. This condition refers to blood clot formation within veins that cause an embolism somewhere in the body. Embolism means that the clot adheres to endothelial cells or somewhere else in the body. Thromboembolism is the combination of clot formation and fluid blockage in the body. This can result in sudden, possibly fatal complications. Among them are arrhythmias, infarction, heart attack or stroke. Yaz injury lawsuits have been filed en masse, directed at the drug manufacturer Bayer. As of August 2012, Bayer was dealing with around 12,000 claims, dedicating around $1 billion for settlements resulting from these cases.

Serious medical issues arise because drospirenone is a rapid diuretic which can quickly shift electrolyte levels in the body. When present, this hormone blocks receptors on another hormone, aldosterone. Aldosterone is responsible for the regulation of potassium levels in the body, and when an antagonist reduces its ability to function, elevated levels of potassium may emerge. Electrolytes like sodium and potassium are essential for transporting material through cell membranes using electrical gradients. When there is too much potassium, this can disturb the electrical balance of tissues, particularly the cardiac and neuromuscular systems. Arrhythmia may then develop as the heart struggles to maintain a normal electrical activity.

The risks associated with drospirenone have been published in several Yaz medical studies. According to the FDA, this hormone, compared to alternative drugs, increases risk of thrombotic events by 93 percent for women taking the drug for three months or less. Women taking the medication for more than seven months have a 290 percent increased risk of developing severe thromboembolism. The FDA also forced Bayer to change its commercials because they overstated the effectiveness of the drug while understating its risks. Many Yaz injury lawsuits have targeted this as evidence of negligence by the manufacturer.

People who smoke or are obese are at an even greater risk of suffering from thrombotic events, according to several Yaz medical studies. Those who have a family history of venous thromboembolism, or are already taking an aldosterone antagonist should also avoid taking drospirenone.

Anyone who has used drospirenone for birth control and suffered from serious medical issues should contact a drug injury lawyer immediately. Thousands of cases filed against Bayer have produced large settlements for victims, and a legal expert can help their client determine whether there is adequate evidence to pursue restitution. Experienced drug injury attorneys are adept at using prior case history to gather information and build arguments to present to the court.