When a driver is part of an 18 wheeler accident, an injury lawyer may be the most important ally the victim can have on their side. These crashes are not like wrecks between two cars. They often involve much more violence and thus worse injuries, and there are usually powerful companies on the defense. This puts the victim at a disadvantage, which may be felt right away. When a commercial vehicle is involved in a crash, the company contracting the driver or maintaining the vehicle will usually send out a representative to investigate the wreck, and this investigator will likely not be even-handed for the victim. Instead, the company’s investigator will do everything possible to implicate the victim as the liable one, using loaded photography and witness testimony to push a case against the victim. This is just one reason many people decide professional legal representation is the correct choice.


An injury lawyer can provide valuable counsel and help pursue a claim in the most effective way possible. For example, multiple parties may be involved in a single crash. Perhaps the driver was under the influence of alcohol. Maybe the driver was pushed to extreme fatigue due to unsafe company practices or impractical deadlines. The truck itself may have been poorly maintained by its owner, or it may have been affected by defective parts.

Filing a claim against several parties may be more productive or relevant in the aftermath of a crash. If the victim only pursues a suit against the driver, and the company’s unsafe practices are found to be negligent, the victim may be left without any compensation at all. However, if the victim files a claim against everyone involved in the crash, they will have a better chance of recovering the compensation they deserve for their suffering. Managing a claim against several defendants is more complicated and usually requires professional assistance.

Also, the injuries resulting from a crash with a semi can be debilitating, leaving the victim without the ability to work, or even take care of themselves. Severe complications may involve paralysis, loss of limb function, permanent brain damage, internal damage and organ failure, chronic pain, and long-term emotional distress. In the wake of an 18 wheeler accident, a lawyer will be able to assess a victim’s injuries and determine their “worth.” What this means is that the attorney is able to accurately project the long-term financial impact of an injury, and ensure that these costs are accounted for in a demand package and during settlement. This protects the victim from future financial issues associated with the crash.

Transitioning from a major vehicle wreck often takes extensive physical and mental therapy, and yet most of these crashes could be prevented with more care and attention. That’s why the responsible parties should be held responsible for their recklessness.