A patient who has experienced side effects after using isotretinoin might consider filing an Accutane lawsuit for restitution if negligence or malpractice was involved. Accutane, which contains isotretinoin, has been on the market for over 30 years and is most often prescribed to patients with severe acne. It is extremely effective at reducing the appearance of acne and clearing up blemishes other drugs cannot. However, it is vital for female patients to avoid pregnancy, and care must be taken to not continue its use if symptoms or side effects appear. Successful cases have resulted in over fifty-three million dollars being distributed to those harmed by this product thus far.

What side effects does isotretinoin cause?

Severe side effects from the use of isotretinoin include depression, suicide, Crohn’s disease, and multiple gastrointestinal problems. Common birth defects include those affecting the brain, heart and face of babies whose mothers used the drug while pregnant. These side effects have led to large medical bills, sick time off of work, and pain from internal injuries. When an Accutane lawsuit has been filed, the most common reimbursements have been for medical expenses andlost wages, as well as for the pain and suffering endured by the patient.

I’ve taken Accutane and suffered side effects. Should I file an Accutane lawsuit?

An Accutane lawsuit is typically prepared by and presented with the help of a certified personal injury attorney who has successfully helped clients with similar circumstances win fair compensation.  Common questions that will be explored by a lawyer in an Accutane lawsuit include:

  • Did the medical provider meet the duty of care?
  • Was there a breach of duty?
  • Did the breach of duty lead to an injury?
  • Can the injury or illness be directly linked to the breach of duty?

Once these questions are answered, the lawyer and the client will decide if further action should be taken. An experienced lawyer will then be able to steer a client in the right direction and help her navigate through the entire process.

Patients who experience serious side effects due to the fault or negligence of the doctor should consider contacting a personal injury attorney to determine if they have a viable case for fair recompense. Every case is different, and one may not be as successful as another. Not all clients who sue for damages are reimbursed for injuries that have occurred.