A patient who has suffered harmful side effects trying to control Type 2 diabetes mellitus with Exenatide might consider filing a Byetta lawsuit. Studies indicate this drug is linked to the onset of pancreatitis.  If left untreated, this condition may develop into pancreatic cancer.

In 2005, Amylin Pharmaceuticals introduced the drug Exenatide to the market as Byetta to control blood sugar only in Type 2 diabetics via two injections per day.  Minor symptoms include nausea, dizziness and headaches.

However, more serious side effects have occurred that include the following:

•    Acute pancreatitis
•    Hemorrhagic pancreatitis (bleeding of the pancreas)
•    Dangerous drops in blood sugar levels
•    Necrotizing pancreatitis (tissue death in the pancreas)
•    Increased risk of pancreatic and thyroid cancers
•    Kidney failure

The signs of pancreatitis include severe upper abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, low or high blood pressure, and elevated respiratory or heart rate. If a patient is experiencing these symptoms, medical help should be sought immediately.

Anyone who has experienced these serious side effects should consider contacting an attorney to discuss filing a Byetta lawsuit. From the first case filed in 2008 to May 2013, 53 cases have been submitted to the Federal courts. The Food and Drug Administration issued an alert in 2008 stating that at least 35 patients using this medication had been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis.  The FDA has also reported at least six deaths linked to this drug to date.

Good representation is critical when suing a drug manufacturing company.  In order to win a suit, the plaintiff must prove that a disease was caused by using the stated medication. A personal injury attorney specializing in drug injury cases can help the plaintiff file within strict time limits for restitution and will know qualified experts who can testify on the plaintiff’s behalf.

Navigating through the process and finding medical professionals to testify is much easier with an attorney experienced in drug injury cases. Most attorneys offer free initial consultations to review the possible merits of a lawsuit. If the particulars of the case show merit, a Byetta lawsuit may be advisable to help defray medical costs and loss of employment, as well as provide redress for pain and suffering.