How To File An Accutane Lawsuit

A person who develops serious side effects after taking the prescription drug isotretinoin, under the brand name of Accutane, should consider the possibility of an Accutane lawsuit. This drug is used to treat a number of conditions, especially severe acne. There are mandates in the United States restricting the dispensing of this medicine, primarily because it can cause birth defects if a woman taking this drug becomes pregnant. These birth defects are so serious that a special website called iPLEDGE has been created by the FDA to control the use of this drug. It can only be dispensed for a 30-day supply with one prescription. The Accutane brand of isotretinoin was removed from the market in 2009, but there are still thousands of legal cases pending due to the use of this drug and its many side effects. The drug isotretinoin was, and still is, being used to treat severe acne because it seems to work better than anything else.

Isotretinoin is a form of vitamin A which has been proven to have strong effects on the fetus. A woman with cystic acne who needs to take this medication must agree to use two forms of birth control in combination, or agree to sexual abstinence for the time of the prescription and one month afterwards. Both the physician and the patient must register at the website for every 30 days of prescriptions. These safeguards help to limit the danger to the patient. However, there are still many reported side effects that happened before the safeguards and many that continue to happen in spite of the new efforts for safety that may ultimately lead to an Accutane lawsuit.

In addition to the risk to women of childbearing age, there are several other risks involved with this medicine. There are currently over 3,000 people who have each filed an Accutane lawsuit related to inflammatory bowel conditions alone. Some of the other possible side effects that have resulted in successful claims are for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease.

In addition to birth defects and digestive tract disorders, disorders of a psychiatric nature are also linked. There are only four other drugs listed with the FDA that have more reports of depression than isotretinoin. A person who needs to take this drug usually has severe acne, and often feels self conscious and ashamed of their appearance. It is important to look for warning signals such as any changes in behavior or mood, irritability, trouble with concentration, or hallucinations.

A personal injury attorney who specializes in cases related to harmful drugs, and has expertise with those cases specifically related to this drug can greatly enhance the chances of a positive outcome in an Accutane lawsuit.

In addition to knowing the law, the personal injury attorney must understand the medical details that are sometimes unknown to the public. Expert witness will need to be called in an Accutane lawsuit. An experienced attorney already has established relationships with medical experts who can testify on behalf of the plaintiff.