The term Railroad Injury Lawyer may not be commonplace with the average American citizen, but it definitely should be. With the increasing use of passenger trains and Metro light rail as a mode of travel throughout many cities and the entire country, as well as the excessively high volume of commercial and industrial trains moving across the American landscape, the chances of being involved in some type of accident involving a train has increased for every American. For those that are a part of the industry as employees, whether as a conductor, an engineer, or a yard worker, your risks are even higher. Many passengers of commuter trains are totally oblivious to the dangers that are a part of rail travel, and even fewer are aware of their rights.


A railroad injury lawyer is an attorney that specializes in understanding all of the rules, statutes and laws (state and federal) that apply to railway companies and the maintenance and management of their fleet and personnel. For instance, the Federal Employee Liability Act (FELA) and the Federal Safety Appliance Act (FSSA) require railroad companies to maintain their fleet at certain levels that will provide the required level of safety for all that come in contact with their locomotives. There are also federal guidelines that dictate the required training for employees to insure that they have the proper level of competence to operate the machinery and the fleets associated with each railway company.

Whether you are an employee, passenger, pedestrian, or automobile operator that has been in a train related accident, it important that you contact a Railroad Injury Lawyer immediately. The moment that the company is alerted to the fact that one of their fleet or employees has been involved in an accident, their legal team immediately moves into action to protect the interest of that company. Rest assured that this legal team will be adept at maneuvering through the maze of legal statutes that govern the particular details of a given incident. It stands to reason that anyone involved in an accident with a train should retain the expertise of someone that is equipped with the knowledge and experience to protect their interest.

Whether an incident is perceived as being the fault of the engineer, faulty crossing gates, a signal not working properly or the negligence of a worker, it is important to contact a railroad injury lawyer to discuss the specifics of the incident. Their knowledge in matters of this type will prove to be vital for their clients, and the sooner contact is made, the sooner the road to recovery can begin.

With all of the regulations governing the operation of locomotives, it would be difficult for the average person to know where to begin when it comes to getting restitution for injuries and property damage. An attorney that is well versed in this area will prove to be a valuable ally. Whether the incident involved a freight train or the Metro light rail, a railroad injury attorney will take care of the details necessary to seek a judgment against those that are responsible. Under current federal laws, someone injured in a railway accident is allowed to recover damages for medical treatment, present and future loss of wages, mental trauma, and much more. Injuries can range in severity from something as simple as a sprain, to something as complicated as paralysis or death.

Consulting an attorney will provide you with the peace of mind and the confidence in knowing that your best interest is being protected.