Unfortunately, vaginal mesh complications are quite common. They can be detrimental to a woman’s health and lessen the quality of her everyday life. A vaginal mesh is commonly used in older women who have given birth to a number of children and wish to return their bodies to a regular functional state. After having several children, a woman’s bladder and other organs can start to sag, causing some irritation and complications to the vagina and uterus. A mesh apparatus is surgically inserted to return these organs to their normal positioning. However, in many women, this surgery has unfortunately caused more problems than it actually fixed.

Just a few of the complications associated with a vaginal mesh include erosion of the vaginal lining causing damage to the nerves, varying infections, and extreme pain. This pain often leads to the inability to sit or lie down comfortably. It also makes it almost impossible to urinate without a catheter, and has caused many women to visit their doctor for pain medication and subsequent medical treatment. These problems are said to be caused by both the manufacturers of the materials used for the procedure and the surgeons performing the operations. No matter who is at fault, almost 4,000 cases of serious complications have been reported to date.

Many women experiencing complications have chosen to speak with a personal injury lawyer
. An attorney that has had previous success in this type of litigation can represent the victim effectively. Many doctors have their patients sign a release form prior to the surgery, making many victims question their rights when the procedure fails or causes issues. A release form will not stop a victim from having the right to sue a practitioner if negligence or malpractice has occurred. A lawyer experienced with vaginal mesh complications can determine whether or not a signed release form will hold any weight in court.

Any woman that has experienced vaginal mesh complications after undergoing this procedure might consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer to explore her options. Many cases that have been taken to court have been successful, but each case is unique, and similar outcomes may not always be possible. Many lawyers that handle this type of litigation offer a free initial consultation, helping to put a victim’s mind at ease when wondering whether or not they have the basis for a lawsuit.