Levonorgestrel is a popular hormone used with birth control devices. However, many have chosen to file a Mirena lawsuit when a levonorgestrel-releasing device resulted in serious side effects because the manufacturer failed to properly warn of the risks. Its active ingredient is a second generation progestogen, a synthetic steroid capable of altering the chemistry in the uterus preventing conception in several ways. It also makes it more difficult for a fertilized egg to implant in the uterine wall. In rare cases, ovulation may cease altogether. The drug is considered highly effective for preventing pregnancy, close to surgical methods in terms of efficacy. However, many women have suffered severe injuries as a result of this device.

Levonorgestrel thickens the mucus in the cervix wall and provides an obstruction to sperm attempting to fertilize an egg. The hormone also thins the uterine wall thwarting a fertilized egg from attaching itself. However, if an egg is fertilized while using levonorgestrel, an ectopic pregnancy can occur in which the zygote implants somewhere other than the uterus. The dangers associated with an ectopic pregnancy including the loss of the embryo and serious, potentially fatal, hemorrhaging are among the primary reasons that a Mirena lawsuit may be filed.

The device needs to be precisely placed by a doctor. If not secured properly during placement, it may shift and abrade tissue sometimes resulting in perforation of the uterus or cervix. A perforation may be asymptomatic for months or years until a severe infection occurs that can cause crippling pain, internal bleeding, and possibly compromised organs. A woman who has suffered from such a perforation and infection may file a lawsuit against the healthcare provider or Bayer, the device’s manufacturer, or both.

Sometimes surgical removal is needed to remove the device after several years of its use. This may be caused because the device has shifted around causing scar tissue, and possibly permanent infertility. Several unfortunate women who have suffered from complete sterility after using the device have each successfully pursued a Mirena lawsuit.

A certified personal injury attorney may be able to help women who have suffered any of these shattering effects after using the device, arguing on the victim’s behalf and attempting to ensure they receive justice for their suffering.