When To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Following an accident, the victim may decide to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent them in court. This may help a person pay for medical costs and provide for their family while they recover from their condition. In some cases, an accident may be so bad that it results in permanent disability or even death. When this occurs, the victim and their family’s lives will be changed forever. A skilled trial attorney can help a family secure their future and prevent them from slipping into financial ruin. Finding the right professional is an important part of the process, and only the most experienced expert should be brought on to oversee the case.

Look At An Attorney’s Case Record

There are hundreds of attorneys in every major city and the best way to narrow down the list is to hire a personal injury lawyer with a sterling case record. In every industry, professionals express a range of experience and skill levels, and that is no different in this field. Some attorneys have managed to win decisions against major corporations, like those in the oil and gas industry.

Finding The Right Attorney

In Houston, there are many attorneys working in several fields of law. It can be daunting to find and hire the right personal injury lawyer in this city, but there are several things to look for when searching. First, it is important to keep in mind that these attorneys have received special training and certification in their field. Not all attorneys practice the same kinds of litigation. Professionals that spend the majority of their time helping accident victims practice personal injury trial law. Before selecting an expert for representation, one should make sure that the attorney works in this segment of the industry.

Texas Board of Legal Specialization

However, there are still dozens of professionals that work in this area, so a victim will need to be more selective to hire the right personal injury lawyer. A long relationship with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, or TBLS, is a promising sign. The TBLS is responsible for certifying attorneys in Texas in one of several disciplines. Only TBLS certified attorneys may pursue injury trial cases. Maintaining a professional relationship with the TBLS requires continuing education credits and examination, so an attorney that has been with the organization for a while is sure to be skilled.

Member of Industry Organizations

It is also best to hire a personal injury lawyer that is a member of several industry organizations. This shows that the attorney is willing to stay up to date in their field of expertise and maintain industry contacts. Memberships with the American Association for Justice and with several state and local organizations dedicated to this field of litigation are strong signs of dedication. Some attorneys have also served in other roles in the industry. For instance, a few select-experts have spent time on the other side of the bench as a judge. This experience is invaluable when arguing a case because these experts can think like a judge and are able to better predict what the judge will best respond to.

These are a sampling of guidelines that will help a victim get the best representation following an accident. Terry Bryant is one such lawyer that fits the above description. He has been practicing law in Texas for over 30 years, and he understands the ins and outs of the legal system.