When To Hire a Back Injury Attorney

Back InjuryWhen a person suffers harm from an accident caused by another party, like a back injury, an attorney experienced in the area of personal injury may be able to help the victim receive compensation. Damage to this part of the body can take many forms, including fractured vertebrae, herniated discs or torn ligaments. The spinal cord and the structures that support it are delicate and important for motor function. If they are harmed in an accident, the victim may suffer from permanent health complications. These complications can significantly impact a person’s quality of life.

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Common Causes of Back Injuries

Vehicle accidents and falls are the most common causes of spinal fractures, and thousands of people every year are hurt in this way. An attorney can help the victim put together a case for compensation if another party is responsible for the damage. Lawyers who oversee these suits need to be familiar with a wide variety of cases. Prior case law can help a legal professional organize a case before bringing it to court. A lawyer with experience in this area of law will have a greater understanding of its nuances.

Effects of Spinal Damage

Spinal damage, even when it’s minor, normally results in debilitating pain and restricted movement. When a ligament snaps or a disc is herniated, the recovery period may be extended. In some cases, the pain never completely goes away or resurfaces during physical activity. This is especially true for people performing physical labor regularly. A workplace back injury requires an attorney who is familiar with worker safety, worker’s comp and corporate negligence. Workers have a right to a safe working environment, and if these needs aren’t met, the company may be liable for any bodily harm.

Spinal Fractures

While herniated discs and ligament damage can be painful and debilitating, a spinal fracture can result in permanent disability. A spinal fracture can cause paraplegia or quadriplegia, both permanent forms of paralysis. Quadriplegia is the worse of the two, and usually occurs when the spinal fracture is around the neck area. Victims may not have motor control of any of their limbs and may not be able to breathe without a respirator. People with quadriplegia can recover a small portion of their motor function back, but most will require complete care for the rest of their lives. Paraplegia is permanent paralysis of the lower body, usually the legs and lower torso. People with paraplegia may be incontinent, but they usually retain motor function in their arms and may be able to walk again with some assistance.

Getting Help

People who suffer a major back injury may require an attorney to help attain restitution. Without compensation, victims may be left permanently disabled without any way to earn an income or cover their medical expenses. Damage to the spine is extremely expensive to rehabilitate, and the victim may not be able to work while recovering. Because of this, it’s important to hire a professional that will work hard for a favorable outcome. Many lawyers who help accident victims offer free consultations to people looking for help. This consultation period is the perfect opportunity to determine which lawyers are qualified to handle the case, if there is enough evidence to do so.