When Should Victims Of a Bus Crash Consider a Lawyer?

As fuel costs rise and air travel becomes more expensive, more and more people are turning to bus travel. Whether it’s a mass interstate carrier like Greyhound or Trailways or a charter casino run from Texas to Louisiana, this type of travel has increased. But along with that passenger increase, there has been an increase in crashes and injuries. If a bus crash happens, a Texas lawyer with experience in this type of accident can be invaluable in helping the victim obtain justice and the appropriate compensation for any injuries.

There are several possible reasons for these accidents.

One possible cause is the bus itself experiencing some type of mechanical failure. This can include failure of the engine, failure of the transmission or other internal causes that can stop these massive vehicles dead in their tracks, or send them careening out of control.

Another cause involves maintenance of the vehicle. Sometimes, this is the result of the transportation company trying to save on expenses, which can be considerable depending on the size of its fleet. Tires with minimal tread or bald spots or brakes that fail due to lack of proper maintenance are examples of this accident cause.

Then, there is human error. This can include crashes that result from a driver being too tired to drive due to working excessively long hours or having to pick up an additional trip. Transportation drivers are human and they can make errors like other drivers such as running a red light, failing to yield or following too closely. And there are some drivers who were responsible for crashes due to driving aggressively, exhibiting such behavior as jumping lanes too fast or without signaling properly.

In any case, when a bus crash occurs, a Texas lawyer with the proper experience can help recover damages sustained from injuries or property loss. Serious injuries can happen in an accident involving one of these massive vehicles, many of which do not have seat belts. This can allow passengers to be hurled about the cabin in a collision or rollover, resulting in injuries ranging from minor to catastrophic. In this type of bus crash, consulting a Texas lawyer can let the victim and their family focused on healing while the attorney will work hard to figure out which party in the incident is liable. The litigator representing the injured party can be the victim’s advocate in dealing with insurance companies to make sure the injured parties receive the necessary medical tests, treatments and rehabilitation if necessary.

Since interstate travel can be involved in a bus crash, having a Texas lawyer is also prudent. A Texas attorney who deals with this type of accident is familiar with state laws and agencies and can use this knowledge to properly assign liability if road conditions played a role or if one of the parties involved was following the law in one location but not another.

It is a sad fact that many large bus companies emphasize making money from their passengers’ transportation needs but at the expense of not using those profits to ensure their safety. In the event of a bus crash, a skilled Texas lawyer has the knowledge and experience to find the evidence to support this negligence.