Defective product attorneys are extremely important for consumer protection, and ensure that negligent manufacturers are held accountable for their preventable mistakes. These lawyers are some of the busiest of all, as any consumer item, from cars to toys, has the potential to cause harm. And in many instances, the claim will be complex and require an exhaustive amount of evidence to demonstrate the victim’s assertions. No matter how complex the claim is, though, a victim’s case will be aggressively contested by the defense, which often means taking on an entire legal team. In these situations, knowledgeable legal representation is the best equalizer.


Although any item can hurt someone, there are some industries that are particularly likely to produce harmful goods. They represent the majority of claims, and because they are common lawsuit subjects, a lawyer will know exactly what evidence to gather and present to the court. Some of these common claims include:

  • Dangerously designed or built vehicles. Thousands of components go into every vehicle, so a lot can go wrong if the automotive company does not keep a tight rein on its quality controls. And sometimes, it’s the vehicle’s design itself that poses the greatest threat. SUVs, for example, are known for their penchant of rolling over due to their high center of gravity. However, poorly made tires, air bags, doors and drivetrains have all been known to cause serious accidents.
  • Poorly designed or cheaply made children’s toys. Many people believe toys made with lead paint is a problem of the distant past, but defective product attorneys are still taking on claims involving toy manufacturers for this very reason. Exposure to lead can cause neurological damage in children, and long term exposure can result in permanent cognitive impairment. Smaller toys can also present a choking hazard, especially if the toy has a tendency to break easily and produce even smaller parts that can be ingested.
  • Poorly tested pharmaceuticals. When a drug or medical device manufacturer creates something to be used in patients, they must test it thoroughly for any possible side effects. Some pharma companies, though, neglect to do the proper research, and may even suppress research that damages the drug’s profit potential. These claims may involve thousands of people and billions of dollars in damages, so they typically involve powerful lawyers on both sides.

Though those are the most common claims, defective product attorneys can oversee any case involving a dangerous item. Even if it is as simple as a poorly worded set of instructions, the lack of a warning label, or a single loose screw, if it causes injury to the victim, then a lawyer can help them determine what their legal options are for compensation.