A cruise ship accident can range from a minor sprain to a life-impairing fall or deadly respiratory disease. How does a passenger know if the injuries are severe enough to pursue legal action? Who does a passenger contact to find out if they are entitled to some form of compensation by the cruise line? These questions are common concerns that an experienced lawyer can answer. Because passenger liners usually choose slick flooring for its ease of cleaning and serve alcoholic drinks to their passengers, legal action may be a distinct possibility.

On board, the most common injuries result from slips and falls. A serious injury may result when passenger steps out of the shower onto the slippery floor just as the liner is sailing through rough waters. Critical injuries have also occurred among those who have been partying and drinking, as well as among the elderly. Life threatening illnesses such as Legionnaires’ disease have been known to spread from one end of the vessel to the other because of the limited space and close contact among passengers.

If a passenger is considering legal action for injuries that occurred on board a ship, it is important to hire a lawyer, specifically a maritime personal injury lawyer. The right attorney will have had experience with a similar cruise ship accident and be accustomed to working with luxury liner protocols. The possibility that the ocean liner may have been in international waters or within the jurisdiction of a country foreign to the injured party can add layers of complexity to these cases. The complicated jurisdictions, legalities, and statutes of limitations involved in such cases make it crucial to hire a lawyer if a passenger is serious about filing a claim seeking compensation for injuries that occurred at sea.

Every ticket purchased by passengers includes fine print related to legalities. Most ocean liner resorts also pass out waivers that have to be signed before passengers can board. To determine whether these documents legally affect the decision to sue for medical care or pain and suffering, the counsel of a reliable personal injury attorney who has experience with such cases is invaluable.