f you’re out on the open sea, regardless of whether it’s in the Atlantic, the Gulf or the Pacific, then you are subject to maritime law, and any injuries sustained will be reviewed under the Jones Act. The Jones Act allows those that are working on the water that become injured to file a suit against the owner of the vessel or their employer. If there is any evidence of negligence, an attorney specializing in this field will be able to help the injured party receive fair restitution.

Maritime law means more than taking care of the legal side of things when it comes to incidents occurring on the water. It also pertains to liability issues as well. That means if someone is injured at sea, or a boat is damaged in an accident, or items are lost overboard, the regulations are set and clear as to who bears the responsibility. Attorneys who specialize in these particular types of cases can help those that are injured or suffer some sort of loss to get the compensation they deserve when the incident occurred on open waters.

Just as with auto accidents, insurance companies and banks can be deeply involved in the legal process. Having a maritime law attorney on your side helps protect your interests so you not only have the protection you rightfully deserve, but they will be experienced in the ins and outs of getting the financial restitution you deserve as well. Insurance companies and banks will be doing their best to minimize the amount of damage they have to pay for and will be protecting their interests with legal representation, so having an attorney do the same for you is the only option that makes sense.

Again, since these regulations are considered to be a federal jurisdiction, having an attorney who is an expert in the ins and outs of the federal court system when it pertains to maritime law will only be to your advantage. Since there are so many states that make up the seaboards in the United States, having state by state jurisdiction is simply out of the question. However, this also means you can have an attorney who is an expert in these matters from your area, preventing you from having to travel constantly while the trial is taking place.
Depending on where the accident or infraction takes place, you may also have a need for an attorney who understands international law as well. Being injured on an oil rig or a cruise ship that is taking a trip to Mexico, Barbados or any other location outside of U.S. jurisdiction may require that your attorney understand the regulations of the international maritime law as well as the Jones Act.

Regardless of the situation, having an attorney who is there to protect your rights and to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve will be your best option. It’s easy to let an insurance company or some cruise line executive talk you out of your due justice, so ensuring you are protecting your best interests by having an attorney present as soon as possible will give you the best protection and representation.