When To File Food Poisoning Lawsuit Settlements

Food Poisoning Lawsuit SettlementsFood poisoning lawsuit settlements have greatly increased over the last few decades. With an increased number of restaurants being built across the nation, there is a greater chance of a patron contracting salmonella, e-coli, or another infectious disease from food that has not been handled properly.

When consumers dine out, the expectation is that the product will be free from any contaminants that could cause illness. If a person becomes violently ill after dining out, many questions may arise. The person that becomes sick may wonder if any recourse is possible. There are a few items that are important to note when determining if there is a case or not, and those that live in Texas can contact Terry Bryant to answer many of these questions.

For starters, it is important to note the onset of the sickness. Time delays can affect the strength of the case. A case is often stronger when the individual can pinpoint the onset of sickness to a particular time after the food was consumed. Food poisoning lawsuit settlements are often easier when a government health agency has stepped in to link a particular food to an illness outbreak.

Terry Bryant will sit down with the client to discuss the best way to approach the case. Items that may come up in discussion include product liability, negligence, and breach of warranties. These are three types of legal theories that can be applied to a product liability case of this nature.

When severe illness has occurred from the consumption of a food product, many have chosen to speak with a reputable lawyer in an attempt for restitution. Depending on the state, there are certain statutes of limitations that can prevent a case from moving forward due to the time that has passed since the event occurred. Contact Terry Bryant’s team to see if your illness may result in a food poisoning lawsuit or settlement.