A truck accident lawyer in Houston sees many devastating cases every year, as the largest city in Texas is also the site of constant traffic. The presence of oil & gas companies, along with the Ship Channel, means commercial vehicles are constantly traveling on the city’s roads. It is inevitable that some will be involved in crashes, and driver error will be a major factor in most of those crashes. But even when the cause of a wreck is clearly defined, there may be several parties involved in a claim. An experienced attorney can manage a complicated claim for a victim, and take on several defendants at once.


In the aftermath of a crash, everything becomes a blur. The first priority is for victims to get immediate medical attention, but soon victims will need to pursue evidence for their claim. An attorney can oversee this process, using all information available to seek a claim against the driver, their employer, the vehicle manufacturer, and anyone else involved in the maintenance of the vehicle.

When a crash occurs, police will be among the first responders to arrive. The police officer’s accident report will provide needed information, and several photos will likely be taken of the crash. Both will be part of an attorney’s claim. Another critical piece of information will be the speed and braking data taken by the vehicle’s recording device. If the driver was operating their vehicle recklessly, the recording device can provide strong evidence to that end.

A special investigator with the state may be sent to the crash as well, to determine whether mechanical failure was a factor in the wreck. This information will also be considered by the attorney, and a truck accident lawyer in Houston must be prepared to name any responsible parties as a defendant.

The victim must be ready to face an independent investigator that is hired by the driver’s company. In general, a driver’s company is responsible for any damage or injury that its drivers cause in the course of their job, so they have an incentive to undermine the victim’s claim. An investigator will take photos and attempt to shift liability onto the victim. A truck accident lawyer in Houston will be prepared to defend against these attempts to defeat a victim’s claim.

A victim’s settlement must take into account their medical expenditures, any missed time from work, pain and emotional suffering, and expenses due to long-term or permanent injuries. It is especially important that a victim seek legal assistance if they face long-term injuries. The medical and therapy costs related to permanent injuries like paralysis or brain or spine damage are extreme, and often difficult to account for ahead of time. An attorney will value the victim’s settlement accordingly, and ensure they get the help they need to recover fully.