For those individuals who want to know the answer to “What is social security disability?”, it is important to note that the prerequisites and involved process of acquiring benefits may be better left to an attorney rather than the individual. While it may be true that one can weave their own way through the complex claims process to achieve some sort of compensation due their inability to work, it’s important to take into consideration the right deadlines and other hurdles beforehand. In this regard, it may be best to consult with an appropriate attorney who can be invaluable in building an airtight claim with the greatest chance of being accepted.

The question of what is social security disability can be answered in a few different ways as there are varying types of compensation that one can obtain throughout the claims process. The first type of compensation is an insurance-type method of receiving compensation from the government and is known as SSDI. The other, more exclusive but more restrictive type is SSI and involves a payment method that generally revolves around the previous income of the individual above everything else.

SSDI is a tax-funded program that seeks to provide supplemental income to people who are physically unable to perform the duties called upon by their current workplace. This can apply to both a temporary or permanent situation which directly correlates with the individual’s ability to either return to work or not in the future. The main differentiation on what is social security disability is the counterpart of the insurance-type method, SSI.

SSI and the chances of filing a successful claim are predicated mainly on the individual’s current income level and the continuance of that income level after benefits have been awarded, if any. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, any persons who fall under its definition of being unable to work can theoretically file a claim for benefits. This is complicated however with strict deadlines, long time-frames of reviewing processes and the manner in which the claim must be crafted in order to have the best chances of making it through the approval process.

What is social security disability is quickly followed by the secondary question, how can an attorney aid in the process? First it’s important to understand the guidelines for eligibility that must be met before even considering a claim. The claims process will evaluate a multitude of personal factors including a person’s current work status, severity of their medical impairment, their ability to continue their current jobs and several other angles. While these may be answerable for anyone who may be filing on their own behalf, it’s important to note that over 50% of all claims are rejected, making it imperative to hire an attorney who can properly file the claim with the greatest chances of approval.

The answer to what is social security disability is an easy one, but achieving said benefits is an entirely different story. Trained lawyers who can piece together a bulletproof claim and will be there to help with the appeal process if it comes to it will prove to be paramount in successfully achieving any sort of governmental benefits.