When a loved one is involved in a serious accident, finding an experienced brain injury attorney may be a top priority. Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can be part of any accident, though they are most common in vehicle crashes and in workplace incidents. The Bayou City, with its constant traffic and physically demanding jobs (such as those in the construction and oil & gas fields) sees many TBIs every year. While there are lawyers in the city that have handled many claims involving TBIs, is it essential to find one of them before pursuing a claim?

What To Look For In a Brain Injury Attorney

The most relevant question a victim should always ask a lawyer, no matter what kind of claim they are filing, is if the lawyer has experience with similar cases. Lawyers are specialized in certain areas for a reason, as the law can be extremely complex at times. Therefore, while a particular lawyer may have won major settlements for burn accidents, it may not mean anything if that lawyer has never seen TBI claims before.

The reason for this is twofold. For one, it is extremely important that a lawyer is connected to doctors that understand TBIs, as they come in many forms and can be difficult to assess. Expert testimony from doctors that have meaningful work in the field will have a lot of weight, but linking with those doctors can be tough. However, an experienced brain injury attorney in Houston will have access to the professionals at the city’s world-acclaimed medical center, and many doctors in the field as a result.

Also, lawyers have to forecast the kind of expenses and difficulties a victim is likely to encounter as a result of their accident. If a lawyer has experience with TBIs, they will know that the victim may face lifelong therapy as a result of their accident, and may even need day to day living assistance. They will know that a victim may lose their job and have trouble securing steady work and wages. And they will know that victims may experience extreme emotional suffering and frustration as they struggle with a TBI. These are all factors that should affect the settlement a lawyer pursues, and if they know what to look for, they will ensure a victim gets the compensation they need.

Another important consideration when looking for a brain injury attorney is whether or not the lawyer is likely to work with insurance companies. An insurance company will always try to shortchange the victim and offer a paltry settlement, and if a lawyer isn’t willing to fight back against the insurance company, a victim may only get a small portion of what they need.

If a victim considers these factors when looking for a lawyer, they will likely secure a powerful ally for their claim.