A bike accident attorney knows just how deadly a crash between a car and bicycle can be. The vast difference in weight and protection between the two practically guarantees injuries, and severe injuries are very common. Unfortunately, many riders either forget to wear head protection or choose not to, and this can result in long-term brain injuries. No matter how badly a rider is hurt, a lawyer may be able to help them recover compensation for their medical costs and any long-term disability they may face.


When a personal injury lawyer agrees to help a rider hurt in a crash, they agree to represent the victim in settlement and court, and ensure that the responsible party is held accountable. How liability is proven depends on the details surrounding the crash and who was acting recklessly at the time of the incident.

When a motorist and rider collide, either party may be responsible for the event, or there may be shared liability. If either vehicle malfunctions, a manufacturer may be at fault. If unsafe road conditions, missing signage, a confusing intersection, or city work crews obstructing part of the road are the cause, the local municipality may be culpable. How these various factors connect will determine how a lawyer approaches the case.

For example, if a rider is hit by a motorist at an intersection, several variables will need to be considered
. Did the driver run a red light or enter the intersection at an unsafe speed? Was the rider passing through a crosswalk at a dangerous moment? Was the motorist distracted at the time of the crash, or possibly intoxicated? Was the motorist in violation of any traffic laws at the time of the crash? Did the motorist make a turn in front of the rider? Did they signal to turn? Are there photos of the crash site? Any witnesses? Can the crash be recreated to understand the details of the incident better?

These are all important factors that will need to be examined fully, and this is just for a single type of case
. A bike accident attorney can help a victim hurt in nearly any situation or setting.

This is especially helpful if the victim suffers long-term injuries as a result of the incident. It’s relatively simple to calculate the cost of immediate injuries, like broken bones or lacerations. It’s much harder to predict how much it will cost to recover from long term injuries, as they often require ongoing therapy. Historically, victims and courts underestimate how expensive long-term injuries are, but a lawyer can ensure that this is considered carefully during the settlement process. In short, this is the best way to describe what a lawyer can do for the victim – offering careful consideration and counseling throughout the often stressful legal process.