While it’s true that accidents happen, a lawyers help may be needed to help people who have been victimized by the negligence of others. Millions of people are hurt every day in incidents all over the world, but many of them could be prevented if proper safety measures were maintained at all times. The reality is that lapses in attention and judgment are common. Drivers all too often attempt to make dangerous turns. Manufacturers aren’t able to maintain quality control over their products. Employers fail to train workers in proper safety procedures. Pharmaceutical companies fail to test their drugs adequately. Whatever the reason, the victim has a legal right to seek compensation from the responsible party, though this is often harder than one would think.

What kinds of accidents do lawyers typically help with?

Personal injury attorneys oversee a vast variety of cases and have to be ready for just about anything. Most attorneys have a few types of cases they are particularly comfortable with, but some firms have attorneys with experience in a number of areas.

In most cities, there are a few types of incidents that are especially common. Vehicle crashes occur at alarming rates in Houston and other major cities around the country. A vehicle wreck can leave people severely injured, including traumatic brain injuries and paralysis. As one of the leading causes of fatalities in the nation, attorneys also regularly help families who have lost loved ones in vehicle crashes. Attorneys who oversee car accidentcases spend much of their effort investigating the events surrounding the accident, looking to witness testimony, police records, and any post-crash reports that may suggest mechanical failure or driver error.

Attorneys also handle a lot of cases concerning product liability or dangerous drugs
. Defective products often result in sudden accidents, and injury lawyers have seen it all. For example, a child’s toy may come apart too easily and pose a choking hazard, a toaster may contain a poorly insulated wire, leading to a fire, or a particular medication may increase the chances of developing birth defects in pregnant women. When working with a product liability case, an attorney will look into similar cases (especially if a dangerous drug is responsible for the injury) and demonstrate to the court just how the product was defective, and how it caused injury.

Workplace injuries are common as well, and most of them are due to negligence on the part of the employer, manager, or a co-worker. The oil & gas and construction industries are particularly dangerous, but any job site can be dangerous in certain circumstances. For example, a restaurant without workers compensation insurance may be liable for an injury if floors are poorly maintained and a worker slips and falls. An office employee may be asked to lift something heavy, throwing their back out in the process. No matter what the cause of the injury, an attorney can help fight back against a negligent employer or manager and ensure that the worker gets the compensation they need to recover.

Few legal professionals stay as busy as injury attorneys, but they offer a crucial layer of protection to people who have been wrongly hurt.