A Houston area construction accident lawyer may see hundreds of victims every year. The Bayou City is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the country, and there is no sign that the sprawl is slowing down, as road and infrastructure projects will continue in the city. With so much work going on, it is essential that the city’s crews operate safely and in observance of all regulations. Unfortunately, this is something that firms often fail to do, if injury statistics are any indication.

This industry is one of the most dangerous in the country, accounting for nearly 20 percent of all fatal injuries every year. On average, about 13 workers die every day due to mishaps on the job, and many of them could be prevented with basic safety measures in use.


Whenever a worker is hurt on the job, it merits legal consideration. In most cases, there are significant safety violations present at the work site, or at least workers who are not following those safety measures. In short, a worker is often hurt due to another party’s negligence, and these injured people deserve restitution.

In the industry, there are a few risks that always need to be accounted for. In 2014, about 40 percent of all worker deaths were the result of a fall. Falls remain the number one danger that workers face, so they need adequate fall protection to do their job safely. Unsurprisingly, a lack of fall protection was the most frequent OSHA violation in 2014, which suggests that many fatalities could have been prevented with just that one simple addition to work sites. However, site managers often cut corners in this area, as hooking up fall protection takes additional infrastructure and slows down a worker’s pace. But that’s no excuse for gambling with a person’s life.

Other common causes of serious injury include being struck or pinned by a heavy object, electrocution, and being hit by a vehicle
. All of these can be prevented as well, and a Houston area construction accident lawyer will investigate the worksite to see if safety measures were present. For example, warning signage should be present around all high-risk areas, and vehicle lanes should be clearly marked for forklifts, delivery trucks, and other vehicles. Elevated surfaces should be kept clear of tools and slick substances, workers should wear hearing and eye protection at all times, and scaffolding must be inspected regularly to ensure they are structurally sound. These are frequent areas of neglect, so they are the subject of many claims.

A Houston area construction accident lawyer will consider all possible defendants before filing a claim. Contractors on site might be liable, as well as drivers entering and exiting the site, and scaffolding and machinery manufacturers. It is an involved process that will eventually enter an involved settlement phase, but an experienced attorney is ready to do everything possible for the victim.