An asbestos injury attorney regularly sees mesothelioma patients, as these victims need legal assistance as soon as they can get it. This form of cancer is extremely aggressive and usually fatal within months of diagnosis, so victims are typically faced with difficult decisions right away. Frustration and fear are common, as a victim may wonder how their medical expenses and family will be provided for as the cancer progresses. In most cases, the only recourse a victim will have is to bring a claim against an employer or product manufacturer, as these parties are considered negligent if they allow a worker to be exposed to the dangerous material.


The only known cause for this cancer is exposure to asbestos, and as this material has long been banned from use, workers are supposed to be protected from it. However, ship workers, construction workers, airplane mechanics, demolition workers, firemen and electricians are still exposed to the substance to a significant degree, putting them at major risk of severe complications.

In general, victims will have to pursue compensation against product manufacturers that integrated the material into their products. For example, oil drilling platforms have long made use of drilling mud to prevent drill heads from overheating. However, this heat-sinking mixture was produced with asbestos for many years, as it offers excellent heat absorbing properties. In some cases, workers weren’t even provided basic safety equipment as they tore open bags of the powdery mixture and poured it into the drilling column.

An asbestos injury attorney will help mesothelioma victims by going after product manufacturers, even though most have since gone out of business. This does represent a challenge for the victim, as there may be limited funds left over for compensation. These negligent companies, though, were required to secure funds specifically for victims before liquidating their assets completely, so they can still provide compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional suffering. Victims can often expect a quick settlement as well, as courts do everything possible to expedite these cases, given their time-sensitive nature. Settlements range in value greatly, but it’s not uncommon for victims to receive millions to secure their interest and their family’s interest going forward.

In addition to filing a negligence claim against a product manufacturer, an asbestos injury attorney will represent mesothelioma victims during social security and worker compensation claims as well. Both can provide a measure of restitution, and in a timely fashion, but this is usually a paltry amount compared to what a victim actually needs.

Finally, there is a statute of limitations tied to these cases, though it doesn’t start until a victim is diagnosed with the disease. This means victims should consider speaking to a lawyer as soon as they can do so, as it will greatly speed up the process.