Mesothelioma symptoms are insidious and tough to pin down, because they mimic the effects of many other disorders. This disease, also called Asbestosis, refers to cancer of the structural and lining tissues in the abdomen, the lungs and, in rare cases, the heart. This cancer is a perfect storm of lethality, as it is slow forming, easily masked by other illnesses, hard to locate through diagnostics and has a high mortality rate. With these factors in mind, it is best that a victim spotlight the disease as soon as possible, and if diagnosed, find an attorney experienced in this area that can help recover compensation for the horrible disorder.

Unfortunately, many of the mesothelioma symptoms are fairly benign, so the cancer can take root for a while before it is properly diagnosed. These signs include chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, coughing, wheezing, hoarseness and blood in the saliva. These are the most common signs, though pain in the abdomen, weight loss and jaundice may also be present. A trip to the doctor will likely not reveal the true cause of the problem right away as the victim is likely to be treated for a respiratory infection or cold. Even when the doctor orders testing like x-rays or CT scans, the results may only be suspicious, but not conclusive.

This is because the only way to confirm Asbestosis is with a complete pathology screening of the fluid that builds up as a result of the cancer. This fluid is among the most common mesothelioma symptoms, but it may not be discovered until a scan flags something serious. This fluid, also known as pleural effusion, surrounds the lungs in an affected person, and tests run on the fluid can reveal the true cause of the disorder. The cancer is often malignant, and by the time it is discovered, it has likely spread to other places in the body. This is because there is a huge latency period between exposure and disease, and may be as long as 50 years in some cases. In other words, anyone who has received significant exposure to asbestos may already have tumors forming inside the body.

It is extremely important that mesothelioma symptoms be checked out, because there is typically a very short survivability period after discovery. Surgery has shown to be largely ineffective, though combined with radiation and chemotherapy a patient may live for several years after being diagnosed.

This cancer is rare in that the vast majority of cases all point to asbestos exposure as the cause. In nearly all patients, those who experience mesothelioma symptoms have worked around the material or have lived or worked in a structure with asbestos installed. The substance was a popular fixture in buildings constructed during the early 20th century, and was prized for its resilience to heat and damage. This additional protection has come at a cost, however, as the cancer it causes it extremely aggressive and deadly. That’s why it is imperative that anyone who has been diagnosed with Asbestosis seek out the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, as the case history surrounding these lawsuits is extensive. An expert will be able to represent the victim with comprehensive evidence that will help them win their case against those responsible.