While some automobile crashes can be minor and handled without an attorney (e.g. no injuries, little if any property damage), injured victims of severe accidents usually find it essential to have a car accident attorney by their side. Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis – meaning their services are paid for only when their lawyer recovers financial “damages” on their behalf. Many prospective clients are glad to hear they do not have to bear any legal costs upfront and out-of-pocket, as they would in many other types of situations involving retainers and hourly rates.

In the aftermath of a vehicle crash, injury victims and family members are filled with questions, concerns, and frustrations, many of which can be answered and eased when they consult an experienced personal injury lawyer – questions such as:

  • “How do I determine who is at fault?”
  • “Who is responsible for my pain and suffering?”
  • “What steps I should take to recover damages from my accident?”

All these – and many more – can be answered by a knowledgeable, experienced personal injury lawyer.

Injured Victims Benefit from a Seasoned Lawyer’s Knowledge and Experience

The greatest advantage of having a lawyer represent you in a vehicle crash case is their knowledge of the laws, procedures, limitations, and “how things are done” within your city and state’s legal infrastructure. An experienced personal injury attorney can advise you when and how to file your insurance claim or lawsuit – since timing is everything. For example, if a minor is involved in the incident, there may be specific regulations regarding the case or limitations on what kind of suit can be filed. Information such as this could make or break a case, and it is helpful to know that your attorney is experienced in dealing with these kinds of details.

This familiarity with Texas’ legal system serves to give you an edge as you and your attorney work together to recover fair and full compensation for any and all financial losses related to your injury.

Adept at Dealing with Insurance Companies

If you seek damages, it’s virtually certain that an insurance company will oppose your claim. It is therefore vital to have a car accident attorney who has the acumen to stand up against major insurance company adjusters and lawyers. An experienced attorney understands the tactics often used by your insurance opponents to block your claim.

These tactics include using your words against you in an attempt to make you appear at fault for causing the accident; claiming that your injury is unrelated to the accident; or adjusters calling you constantly to get more information to use against you while pretending to be “looking out for your interests.”

Our metro Houston and Gulf  Coast auto accident attorneys have represented numerous motor vehicle accident victims. We know all too well the unfair practices used by insurance company adjusters and lawyers. That’s why the moment you retain Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law, you are shielded from insurance company adjusters and lawyers. They know they must deal with only with us and that they are to leave you alone. WE communicate with them on your behalf. WE negotiate any settlement (but we don’t accept until you do) and, if necessary, WE passionately argue your case in court.


No two car accident cases are the same when it comes to receiving compensation from the negligent party which caused the wreck. The largest benefit of having a lawyer is that you have not only an advocate for your claims, but also someone who knows the important elements that make your case unique, and how to press those advantages.

From the initial meeting to discuss the details of your unique case, until the offered insurance  settlement has been approved by you or a the jury verdict rendered on your civil case, having someone to be a tireless advocate for your needs can help ease what is often a very stressful situation.

For those who have been injured in a vehicle crash, a car accident attorney can provide valuable information and important legal knowledge and be their voice throughout the entire process – all with one sole purpose . . . to secure the best possible outcome for you, the injured victim.

Peace of Mind

Following an automobile crash, you may be mentally and physically taxed, possibly even too severely injured to handle the complicated task of dealing with an insurance adjuster, let along their lawyers. When a personal injury lawyer specializing in vehicle crashes is hired, you can discover the peace of mind you and your family need to heal and recuperate from such a traumatic event.

A seasoned car accident attorney has likely handled many cases similar to yours.  As a result They understand how to navigate the many steps and procedures necessary for a successful outcome. Knowing that you don’t have to handle the intricacies of legal rules and procedures can – and will – place your mind at ease.

So if you or a loved one has been in a car wreck in or around Houston, the personal injury lawyers with Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law are ready to help you. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation about your car accident and legal rights.