What Are Some Common Personal Injury Law Suits?

Personal injury law suits are sometimes the only way for victims to get the restitution they are owed after an accident. Some harbor a belief that victims seeking compensation are excessive in their demands, but an accident can greatly change a victim’s quality of life. To the point where it can cost millions in current and future expenses. Hospital stays, medication, testing, psychiatric assistance, physical therapy, and home assistance are just some of the expenses a victim may be responsible for after an accident. Lost wages and loss of quality of life are also significant in the event of a serious accident, and must be replaced as well.

An attorney’s job is to ensure their client is taken care of financially as they recover and transition to the next part of their life. To get there, the attorney will have to accurately assess the victim’s damages, file the claim, gather and present evidence, and handle settlement negotiations.

Accidents happen everywhere and can happen at any time. In most cases, when an accident does occur, at least one party’s negligence is a major contributing factor, and that’s the foundation for a claim. People have the right to live, work, and travel in safe settings, so when negligence causes an accident, the responsible party will be liable for any damages.

But while accidents can happen anywhere, they tend to happen more often in certain situations.

Some of them include:

  • Traffic accidentsCar crashes are among the most common claims, particularly in cities like Houston where hundreds of thousands commute every day. With the rare exception, a crash involves driver error or mechanical failure, both of which are grounds for a negligence claim. These personal injury law suits have to demonstrate that the defendant’s actions led to a crash, using witness testimony, policy reports, medical records, and other information to confirm the assertion.
  • Defective products– A “product” can refer to a staggering number of items, including toys, vehicles, industrial machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and anything else intended for consumption or commercial use. When a product is poorly built or designed, it can lead to a serious accident and possibly medical complications. A victim will need to demonstrate that they were hurt by the product, and that they were using the product as intended at the time.
  • Dangerous drugs – Defective medical products are extremely deadly and can cause thousands of severe and fatal complications before the product is identified as the problem. This is exacerbated by pharmaceutical companies attempting to deflect blame and suppress information that reveals safety risks. Personal injury law suits involving dangerous drug or medical devices often render major settlements, due to their immediate impact on a victim’s health.

These are just a few examples, as maritime and workplace accidents are also common in the Houston area. And with thousands of accidents every day, minor and major, an attorney performs an essential duty for society.