Being on the road can be dangerous, especially when operating a motorcycle. Experienced accident attorneys understand the dangers and complexities involved in a crash of this type. With so little between the rider and the road, it isn’t hard to see why an incident involving a bike can be devastating, if not deadly.

To protect themself, a motorcyclist should know the most common reasons that cause riders to have an accident.  They include, but aren’t limited to, hazards on the road (potholes, ice, etc.), distracted drivers, improper lane changes, poor yielding, mechanical failures and reckless driving. Many of the reasons listed are out of the rider’s control and fall on the responsibility of other vehicles. For example, most accidents are accredited to the fact that motorcycles are difficult to see from inside many vehicles.  However, some responsibilities are still up to the rider, such as making themself viewable, being cautious while driving, and being aware of their surroundings at all times.

One of the biggest factors that a rider does have control of is mechanical failure.  It is important to keep the machine in peak condition to help protect both the bike and the rider. The most common mechanical issues are defective steering systems, broken/slipped chains, worn brakes, stuck throttles, corroded batteries and cracked fuel lines. Any of these things can have devastating results if they are not maintained properly.

Even if the proper safety measures are taken, accidents can still happen. This is when many riders decide to seek legal help. Motorcycle accident attorneys are equipped with knowledge specifically tailored for riders in an effort to help them receive compensation for their medical bills, bike repairs, lost wages, and any other related expenses when involved in an accident. These attorneys are aware of the common “reckless and rebellious” view that many people have on riders and are armed to fight against them.  There are usually seven steps involved in the process: hiring a lawyer, demanding a package, negotiation, settlement/proceeding, filing a lawsuit, preparation, and finally, the trial.

When taking on the responsibility of riding a motorcycle, it is important to remember the potential dangers. One should always consult the safety guidelines and check their bike to be certain that it is ready for the road.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, consider contacting attorneys that specialize in this area of law. Houston’s Terry Bryant has fought and won numerous cases for riders throughout his career. With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Bryant will fight for the compensation you deserve.