Many burn victims find themselves being dissuaded from getting burn injury lawyers involved in their case.  Part of the problem is the cultural lack of sympathy toward many burn victims. With a complete saturation of proverbs and adages concerning fire safety and repercussions, many victims find themselves blamed for their circumstances, even in situations in which they were not at fault. While it is true that many cases of fire-based injury are the result of individual lack of safety, that does not mean that all victims are at fault.

There are many instances in which seeking out the counsel of experienced burn injury lawyers is not just appropriate, but the most responsible course of action. Injuries that result from unsafe conditions in the workplace or civilian areas can often be the fault of those in charge of maintaining that environment’s safety, and not the fault of the victim. For example, malfunctioning electronics can start fires in businesses and residences alike.

It is important to remember that not all burns are the result of fire-related incidents. The human body is also susceptible to electrical, chemical, friction, and radiation burns. Many of these types of injuries can be the result of an unsafe work environment that is outside the control of the victim, and may require the assistance of burn injury lawyers. For example, many radiation-based injuries occur because of unsafe working conditions around x-ray machines, and result in injuries among x-ray technicians, TSA agents, and non-employees. Both chemical and electrical incidents can occur in a wide range of industrial vocations, or even to civilians going about their daily lives. It’s also worth noting that not all heat-based incidents are a result of a fire, but can also be caused by scalding liquids, molten plastics, or hot metals.

One famous example of victim-shaming came from a hot coffee lawsuit that resulted in severe burns to the victim that required skin grafts. Instead of recognizing that a beverage should never be hot enough to cause such severe burns, a loud majority of citizens villainized the elderly victim rather than the mega-corporation that served the undrinkable liquid in a flimsy cup with an insecure lid. The woman sought out the assistance of some reputable burn injury lawyers that saw to it that her medical needs and recovery were paid for by the responsible party.

This instance shows that the perception of fault on the part of the victim is not the same thing as actual fault on the part of the victim. It is partially because of this social stigma that many victims refuse to seek legal aid. It is important to remember that seeking the advice of qualified burn injury lawyers is not a crime, and that they can help determine where the fault lies, and the appropriate legal claims to seek a recovery. In the same way that a doctor can diagnose an illness, an experienced lawyer will be able to assess a victim’s claim.