Each year, truck injury lawyers handle thousands of cases that involve collisions between cars and 18-wheelers. These collisions frequently result in either death or serious injury. This is due to the fact that commercial vehicles are much larger than cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and pickups. Because of this, injuries are often more severe, and typically require survivors to undergo long-term physical therapy, long-term medical care, and consequently high medical bills. In addition to these expenses, survivors lose even more money in the form of unpaid wages.

Attorneys who specialize in this type of collision can help injured parties receive fair compensation for their pain and suffering. They have the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with trucking companies and the insurance companies that represent them.

Attorneys who specialize in this form of practice have helped survivors of crashes receive compensation of over 700 thousand dollars in some cases. In cases that involved the death of a loved one, truck injury lawyers have, at times, arranged for surviving family members to receive upwards of 1 million dollars in compensation. Cases such as these frequently involved some sort of error on the part of the commercial driver. He or she driver may have struck someone who was stranded on the side of the road, or the driver may have struck a vehicle from the rear and compounded medical problems that the individual was already experiencing.

In order for an individual to obtain compensation without the help of an attorney, he or she would need detailed knowledge of the safety regulations that commercial transport companies must abide by. The process of filing a claim against such an organization is much more complex than a standard automobile accident insurance claim. Truck injury lawyers possess the necessary knowledge needed to handle the disputes that commercial insurance providers invariably raise in order to defend their clients against claims from accident survivors.

It is not unheard of for these insurance companies to send evaluation teams to the site of the accident in order to gather physical evidence that can be used to dispute the claims made by the survivor of a fatal or injury causing collision with a commercial vehicle.

Truck injury lawyers who are familiar with these tactics know how to gather evidence that supports the claims of accident survivors. The sooner an attorney is involved in the claim process, the better the chances of gathering key evidence necessary for the negotiation of a settlement. Some physical evidence of an accident, such as skid marks on pavement, will disappear in a relatively short period of time after exposure to wind and rain. However, even if such evidence has disappeared by the time the plaintiff contacts an attorney, there are documents that are filed with the (FMCSR) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations commissions that contain certain facts that can be utilized by a plaintiff’s legal team. However, these documents are required to remain on file only for a set period of time. If they are not retrieved by a team, they can legally be destroyed, and the evidence for a claim has vanished.

The sooner truck injury lawyers are contacted by the survivors of fatal or near-fatal crashes, the sooner they can examine such things as driver error, manufacturer defect in the 18-wheeler itself, brake failure, or any number of other factors that can result in a fatal or near-fatal collision with a personal motor vehicle.